• Toivon ja sekasorron aika

    Toivon ja sekasorron aika

    Old Kuopio Museum

    Näyttely kertoo tapahtumista Kuopiossa itsenäistymisen alkuvuosina

    6.3.2018 - 4.11.2018

  • Music and dance in Pre-Columbian art

    Music and dance in Pre-Columbian art

    Didrichsen Art Museum

    Exhibition with artefacts from the museum's own collection focusing on music, dance and rituals in ancient...

    21.9.2018 - 2.2.2020

  • Trophy Collection Jaakko Ojanperä

    Trophy Collection Jaakko Ojanperä

    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    In 2014 remodeled part of the permanent exhibition. Hunting trophies from Africa, North America, Asia and...

    23.1.2014 - 31.12.2020

  • Vuoden Luontokuvat 2017

    Vuoden Luontokuvat 2017

    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    Vuoden Luontokuvat -näyttely kertoo suomalaisen luonnon moni-ilmeisyydestä, sen näkymistä ja tapahtumista...

    9.10.2018 - 4.11.2018

  • At Your Service!

    At Your Service!

    Hotel and Restaurant Museum

    At this exhibition You can find out about Finnish food and drink culture, make a trip to the history of...

    18.8.2012 - 31.12.2020

  • Elämänpeli


    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    Pekka Poutiaisen taidetta luonnon kamppailuiden ratkaisevista hetkistä.

    27.9.2018 - 30.12.2018

  • Syyslomatekemistä


    Hotel and Restaurant Museum

    Taikinan taju -opastuksia ja Aistimestarin seikkailu

    19.10.2018 - 19.10.2018

  • Raseborg through the ages

    Raseborg through the ages

    EKTA Museum

    How did Stone Age people live? What did Raseborg look like during the Middle Ages or the industrial town of...

    1.1.2007 - 31.12.2020

  • The Thrill of the Hunt

    The Thrill of the Hunt

    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    The First Section of the New Permanent Exhibition.

    1.3.2013 - December 2020

  • Sea-bird fowling

    Sea-bird fowling

    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    Metsästysmuseon perusnäyttelyn merilinnustus-osio esittelee syksyllä merellä tapahtuvaa kokosukeltajasorsien...

    1.2.2017 - 31.12.2025

  • Aseosasto


    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    Suomalaista asevalmistusta esittelevä asesali on osa Metsästysmuseon perusnäyttelyä.

    20.11.2015 - 31.12.2020

  • Järvenpään taideseura 60-vuotta -juhlanäyttely

    Järvenpään taideseura 60-vuotta -juhlanäyttely

    Järvenpää Art Museum

    Järvenpään Taideseuran 60-vuotisjuhlanäyttely kokoaa yhteen taideseuran jäsenten tuoretta taidetta sekä...

    29.9.2018 - 27.1.2019

  • Takauma


    Järvenpää Art Museum

    Takauma on Järvenpään ikäihmisten palvelujen, perusopetuksen ja kulttuuripalveluiden yhteisen projektin...

    29.9.2018 - 27.1.2019

  • Taikinan taju

    Taikinan taju

    Hotel and Restaurant Museum

    Yhdessä leipominen on pääosassa lapsille ja lapsenmielisille suunnatussa Taikinan taju -näyttelyssä, jossa...

    23.8.2018 - 5.9.2019

  • Helene Schjerfbeck's Life and Art

    Helene Schjerfbeck's Life and Art

    EKTA Museum

    The rationale for this permanent exhibition comes from Schjerfbeck's time in Ekenäs. For Helene, the town and...

    27.4.2012 - 31.12.2030

  • Kotikaupunkimme Lohja

    Kotikaupunkimme Lohja

    Lohja Museum

    Lohjan Museon 100-vuotisjuhlavuoden merkeissä museon Pedagogioon uusittu perusnäyttely Kotikaupunkimme Lohja.

    1.6.2011 - 31.12.2020

  • A. W. Finch

    A. W. Finch

    Didrichsen Art Museum

    The exhibition presents A. W. Finch as a painter, graphic artist and ceramist through a selection of works...

    21.9.2018 - 13.1.2019

  • Supersyysloma Seikkailu Riuttalassa

    Supersyysloma Seikkailu Riuttalassa

    Riuttala Farmhouse Museum

    Riuttala avoinna syysloman kunniaksi torstaina 18.10.2018 klo 10 - 15

    18.10.2018 - 18.10.2024

  • Riuttala - Savon sydänjuurilla

    Riuttala - Savon sydänjuurilla

    Riuttala Farmhouse Museum

    Viime kesän aikana Riuttalasta ikuistettuja taideteoksia on esillä Kauppakeskus Matkuksessa 14.10. -...

    14.10.2018 - 21.10.2024

  • Metsästysveitsikilpailun satoa

    Metsästysveitsikilpailun satoa

    The Hunting Museum of Finland

    Taitavien seppien ja innostuneiden harrastajien tekemät veitset ovat esillä Metsästysmuseossa vuoden loppuun...

    18.9.2018 - 30.12.2018



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  • Ahola
    Ahola exhibits the life of two artists, painter Venny Soldan-Brofeld and her husband Juhani Aho, first Finnish professional novelist who wrote his work in Finnish.   Järvenpää
  • Ainola
    The beautiful home museum of world famous composer Jean Sibelius and his wife Aino Sibelius by the Tuusulanjärvi lake.   Järvenpää
  • Alikartano Manor
    The Alikartano estate was founded in 1608.   Mäntsälä
  • Birthplace of Sibelius
    Birthplace of the famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.   Hämeenlinna
  • Carlsro
    The picturesque Carlsro is a one-of-a-kind mansion preserved from the 19th century in it's original form. The museum houses as well a unique eclectic collection of local historical items.   Kristiinankaupunki
  • Casa Haartman
    Artist Axel Haartmanin's unique home from the 1920s in the picturesque town of Naantali.   Naantali
  • Ehrensvärd Museum
    The Ehrensvärd Museum on the original central courtyard of Suomenlinna sea fortress shows the life at Commander’s House.   Helsinki
  • EKTA Museum
    Lovely old milieu telling the history of Raasepori and about the life and art of Helene Schjerfbeck who lived in the town.   Raasepori
  • Emil Aaltonen museum
    Emil Aaltonen museum of industry and art.   Tampere
  • Emil Cedercreutz Museum
    Emil Cedercreutz Museum by the beautiful Kokemäenjoki river combines art and cultural history.   Harjavalta
  • Espoo City Museum, Archipelago Museum Pentala
    Enjoy the nature and atmosphere of the archipelago at an old fisherman’s estate on Pentala Island in Espoonlahti Bay.   Espoo
  • Espoo City Museum, Glims Farmstead Museum
    Located in the middle of modern-day Espoo, Glims still offers its visitors a glimpse of the countryside   Espoo
  • Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka
    Sarka is the national museum of agriculture.   Loimaa
  • Fiskars Museum
    Explore the life of the famous Fiskars ironworks village from 17th century to this day.   Raasepori
  • Forestry Museum of Lapland
    Forestry Museum of Lapland - a unique stage for history.   Rovaniemi
  • Forngården museum
    In Forngården, situated near Raseborg castle ruins, you can explore the life of a fisherman home dating from the 18th-19th century.   Raasepori
  • Forum Marinum: Bore
    The museum ship Bore. Open during summer months only.   Turku
  • Gallen-Kallela Museum
    The museum´s changing exhibitions present the art of Akseli Gallen-Kallela and his contemporaries as well as contemporary art having points of contact with the life´s work of Akseli Gallen-Kallela.   Espoo
  • Heinola Town Museum
    Museum is closed during renovation 3.9.2018-31.8.2019.   Heinola
  • Heinola Town Museum, The Aschan House
    Already when stepping trough the gates and into the garden of the Aschan House, the visitor steps back 200 years. The old chief constable's family house build in 1780s' has remained almost in its original form.   Heinola
  • Helsinki City Museum, Hakasalmi Villa
    The charming Hakasalmi Villa is located next to Finlandia Hall near Töölönlahti bay.   Helsinki
  • Home of Aleksis Kivi
    Birth home of Finland's national writer Aleksis Kivi.   Nurmijärvi
  • Huittinen Museum
    Museum exhibits local history and has special sections devoted to locals President Risto Ryti and sculptor Lauri Leppänen. One of the museum's specialities is also the collection of 600 traditional Finnish belt knives.   Huittinen
  • Hvitträsk
    A gem of design and architecture. The studio home of Gesellius, Lindgren & Saarinen and its decor, furniture and textiles form a unique work of art.   Kirkkonummi
  • J. L. Runeberg´s home
    Welcome to Finlands oldest home museum of the national poet J.L. Runeberg.   Porvoo
  • Johannes Lohilampi Museum
    The main building of the old farmstead with surrounding farmyard and outbuildings present everyday life and living.   Lohja
  • Kamana
    Museum of cultural history, Art museum, Keuruu Old Church, Pihlajavesi Wilderness Church, Pihlajavesi Museum, the new churches in Keuruu and Pihlajavesi.   Keuruu
  • Karkkila Ironworks Museum: The Foundry Museum of Finland, The Högfors Blast Furnace, The Workers Museum of Karkkila
    The museum is situated in the former main office of the foundry.   Karkkila
  • Kirpilä Art Collection
    A former home of Dr. Juhani Kirpilä (1931-1988), with a large collection of Finnish art from the 1850's to the 1970's.   Helsinki
  • Kurikka Museum
    Exhibitions display e.   Kurikka
  • Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge of Czar Alexander III
    The Imperial Fishing Lodge, surrounded by beautiful rapid scenery, was built for Czar Alexander III in 1889.   Kotka
  • Lohja Museum
    The culture of the local gentry presented in the main building of the museum, in other buildings industrialization and worker's life in Lohja as well as objects from different centuries.   Lohja
  • Louhisaari Manor
    The unique manor home of the Flemings and the Mannerheims lets you experience the life of a 17th–19th century noble family.   Masku
  • Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum
    The buildings are in their original locations, having survived the disastrous fire of 1827.   Turku
  • Merchant´s House Museum
    Kasarminkatu street was an important shopping street at the turn of the 20th century.   Hamina
  • Museum
    The house museum of consul Alfred Jacobsson and Mrs. Hélène Jacobsson from the turn of the 20th century.   Turku
  • Museum Milavida
    Milavida presents the glamorous and international lifestyle of the Nottbeck family, the owners of the famous Finlayson cotton mill. Museum at the beautiful Näsilinna manor house exhibits often also fashion and design in the theme of the factory.   Tampere
  • Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia, Turkansaari Open-Air Museum
    The museum is a farmyard complex typical of this region, with all appropriate buildings and equipment.   Oulu
  • Museum of Jakobstad, The Malm House
    The collections of objects, photographs, art and textiles relate the maritime history and trading traditions of the town.   Pietarsaari
  • Museum of Old Vaasa
    One of the few remaining buildings (1780) from the great fire of the old town in 1852.   Vaasa
  • Mäntyharju Museum
    The museum is housed in the main building of a parsonage (built 1812, rebuilt 1854) and several outbuildings.   Mäntyharju
  • Möhkö Ironworks Museum
    Möhkö ironworks was in operation during the period of 1838-1907.   Ilomantsi
  • Naantali Museum
    The permanent exhibition includes a bourgeois residence and a craftsman´s town home from the late 19th century.   Naantali
  • Nukari School Museum
    School equipment in a classroom from the 1920´s in the building of the first elementary school of Nurmijärvi, built in 1873.   Nurmijärvi
  • Nurmes Town Museum, Ikola Museum
    Open air museum about the life of early 20th century tenant farmers in eastern Finland.   Nurmes
  • Nurmes Town Museum, Nurmes Museum
    The history of the Nurmes area is presented from the prehistory to the present day by means of objects and photographs.   Nurmes
  • Olavinlinna castle
    The origin of a thousand stories and the site of numerous battles, Olavinlinna Castle is one of the best-known sights in Finland.   Savonlinna
  • Old Kuopio Museum
    The museum consists of eleven wooden houses.   Kuopio
  • Paateri
  • Paikkari Cottage
    Paikkari Cottage is the birthplace and childhood home of Elias Lönnrot, who compiled the Finnish national epic Kalevala.   Lohja
  • Palander House
    Upper-class residence from late 19th century.   Hämeenlinna
  • Palsa museum
    The cottage like home and the Getsemane studio of artist Kalervo Palsa (1947-1987). Palsa's art has been described as fantastic realism. Museum open June to September.   Kittilä
  • Pargas Local History Museum
    A beautiful museum area in the center of Pargas.   Paraisten kaupunki
  • Parppeinvaara poem village
    At Parppeinvaara you'll find a collection of historic buildings based on the theme of local tradition.   Ilomantsi
  • Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House
    The oldest surviving wooden house in Turku holds charming chambers as well as Finland's oldest pharmacy interior.   Turku
  • Pielinen Museum
    Second biggest outdoor museum in Finland with around 70 buildings.   Lieksa
  • Pienmäki Farm Buildings Museum
    This open-air museum describes the early 20th-century farm life in Central Finland.   Hankasalmi
  • Porvoo Museum, Holm House
    Holm House, built in 1763, will provide the opportunity to see how a wealthy Porvoo merchant family lived at the end of the 18th century.   Porvoo
  • Porvoo Museum, The Old Town Hall
    History of the Porvoo region, as well as traditional and industrial art.   Porvoo
  • Provincial Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia, Törnävä museum area
    A museum area where a total of 18 old peasant buildings built between the 17th and 19th centuries have been moved to from all over the province.   Seinäjoki
  • Rauma Maritime Museum
    Rauma Maritime Museum offers a view to the medieval town to which sea and seafaring have always been vitally important.   Rauma
  • Rauma Museum, Kirsti
    In Kirsti one can see how people used to live in Rauma at during the early 20th century.   Rauma
  • Rauma Museum, Marela, Shipowner´s home
    Marela shows the life and lifestyle of a wealthy shipowner and his family at the turn of the 1900s, the golden age of seafaring in Rauma.   Rauma
  • Rauma Museum, Old Town Hall
    In the Old Town Hall (built in 1776) one can visit changing exhibitions, see Rauma lace, and buy souvenirs from the museum shop Kistupuad.   Rauma
  • Rautalampi museum
    Ethnographic objets and artefacts related to cultural history.   Rautalampi
  • Riihimäki Museum
    The history of the town of Riihimäki.   Riihimäki
  • Riuttala Farmhouse Museum
    An open-air museum comprising an original farmstead dating back to the 19:th century.   Karttula
  • Rovaniemi Local Heritage Museum
    The museum forms an estate that holds all its buildings related to local peasant farming from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.   Rovaniemi
  • Saarijärvi Museum, Upper-class Home Museum
    A typical upper-class home of the early 19th century in a building from the 1780´s.   Saarijärvi
  • Sailor´s home
    Seaman´s home.   Uusikaupunki
  • Sámi Museum Siida
    The Sámi Museum preserves and presents the spiritual and material heritage of the Finnish Sámi in its collections and exhibitions.   Inari
  • Satakunta Museum, Building Heritage House Toivo and The home of the Korsman Family
    Building Heritage House Toivo is a restoration centre of the Satakunta Museum.   Pori
  • Savonlinna Provincial Museum
    Riihisaari is home to the exhibitions of Savonlinna Provincial Museum and Saimaa Nature Exhibition centre run by Metsähallitus.   Savonlinna
  • Sea Pilot Museum
    An old pilot station in Uusikaupunki.   Uusikaupunki
  • Sepänmäki Handicraft Museum
    An old settlement, where artisans lived in 1700-1900, presenting objects related to handicraft trades.   Mäntsälä
  • Serlachius museum Gustaf
    Serlachius-museum Gustaf´s curious and surprising exhibitions spring often from the history and the way of life of a small paper town.   Mänttä-Vilppula
  • Seurasaari Open-Air Museum
    The Open-Air Museum of Seurasaari is a beautiful green island just a few kilometres from the heart of Helsinki.   Helsinki
  • Sinebrychoff Art Museum
    The Sinebrychoff Art Museum houses Finland's most significant collection of paintings by old masters and a home museum illustrating Finland´s connections to the centuries of tradition in European art and antiquities.   Helsinki
  • Skolt Sámi Heritage House
    The Heritage House and the open-air museum by it tell about the history of the Skolt Sámi inhabitants of Sevettijärvi.   Inari
  • South Karelia Museum, Wolkoff House Museum
    Authentic home of a Russian merchant family, which occupied the house for four generations. The house, built in 1826, is one of the few surviving old wooden houses in the centre of Lappeenranta.   Lappeenranta
  • Southwest Tavastia Museum
    Welcome to the City of Colourful Cloth! And to hear of the times when the river through the city of Forssa flowed blue, green or red, depending on the dyeing factory on its shore.   Forssa
  • Stundars Open Air Museum and Centre of Culture and Art
    Come and experience life as it may have been at the turn of the 20th century in the countryside in Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia.   Mustasaari
  • Särestöniemi Museum
    The Särestöniemi Museum in Kaukonen, Kittilä, displays the art and working environment of Reidar Särestöniemi (1925-1981).   Kittilä
  • Säynätsalo town hall
    Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of architect Alvar Aalto’s most significant works.   Jyväskylä
  • Tampere Museums, Amuri Museum of Workers' Housing
    The museum area is a typical enclosed quarter of the 1880´s including 32 apartments, which illustrate the life of local industrial workers from 1880 to 1970.   Tampere
  • The Artist´s Home of the Heiska Family
    Unique studio home of the Heiska family from early 20th century.   Jyväskylä
  • The Dalsbruks Ironworks museum
    A culture-historical museum consisting of six buildings and 11 charcoal owens which presents the history of the ironworks from 18th to the 20 th century.   Kemiönsaari
  • The Finnish Glass Museum
    The museum focuses on the the history of glass.   Riihimäki
  • The museum of war and reconstruction
    Museum tells about the old times in Kuolajärvi - Salla region.   Salla
  • The Sagalund Museum
    The Sagalund Museum - no matter what age you are   Kemiönsaari
  • The Söderlångvik Museum
    Art and culture-historical museum in Amos Anderson´s (1878-1961), former summer residence.   Kemiönsaari
  • The Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum
    The representative home of the factory owners, Teresia and Rafael Lönnström, with collection of Finnish art from the 19th and 20th centuries.   Rauma
  • Turku Castle
    Turku Castle is a more than 700 year old historical monument, and it is a must see for visitors to Finland.   Turku
  • Vanhalinna Museum
    Liedon Vanhalinnas historic hill fortification is a popular cultural destination by the beautiful Aurajoki river valley.   Lieto
  • Villa Gyllenberg
    The Villa Gyllenberg museum, which is comprised of the Gyllenberg family home and an adjoining gallery, is located in the beautiful and natural surroundings of Helsinki’s Kuusisaari area.   Helsinki
  • Wahlberg's House The Uusikaupunki museum
    History of a wooden town and seafaring.   Uusikaupunki
  • Åland Hunting and Fishing Museum
    The museum´s collections depict how men, women and children laboured with seines, herring drifts nets and drum nets in olden times.   Eckerö

Other museums

  • Alvar Aalto's Villa Kokkonen
    Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen is a unique masterpiece which creates a harmony between nature, human being, building art and music.   -
  • Harjukoski Water Mill
    A water mill from the 1870´s and a miller's cottage with contents and outbuildings.   Mikkeli
  • Industrial Workers' Housing Museum
    The museum illustrates the housing conditions of industrial workers from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1960´s and presents the social services available during that period.   Imatra
  • Juhola
    Childhood home of artist brothers Harri, Marko, Kain and Yrjö Tapper.   Saarijärvi
  • Kauppilanmäki Outdoor Museum
    The museum presents the living conditions of paper-mill workers from the 1870´s to the 1970´s.   Valkeakoski
  • Kemi Museum
    Museum of local culture.   Kemi
  • Kiikala Museum
    Peasant buildings and artefacts.   Salo
  • Kindergarten Museum
    The Kindergarten Museum is located in the Jugend-style house built in 1908, designed by the architect Wivi Lönn in the Sörnäinen district of Helsinki.   Helsinki
  • Kreivinmäki Open-Air Museum
    An open-air museum featuring the 18th century peasant environment, containing a windmill and miller's cottage (private), a loft storehouse and a granary.   Salo
  • Kylämäki Village of Living History
    The Kurala Village of Living History is comprised of altogether 26 buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries.   Turku
  • Lieto museum: Nautelankoski Museum
    A mill built in 1807 of grey stone, miller´s house and exhibition space in a parallel cahmber building dating from the 18th century.   Lieto
  • Lieto museum: Tarvasjoki Museum
    Local history in an old grain store.   Lieto
  • Meritalo Museum
    The first school building in Salo houses today an interior museum, which presents e.   Salo
  • Museum of Halikko
    The museum presents local history and the means of livelihood in the Halikko region.   Salo
  • Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia, Pateniemi Sawmill Museum
    The first saw museum in Finland is housed in Nikkari´s cabin, built in the 1850´s, situated in the area of Pateniemi sawmill.   Oulu
  • Mynämäki Church Museum
  • Nikkinen Cottage
  • Ojala Homestead Museum
    Ojala displays life on a wealthy farm during the 17th and 19th centuries.   Raahe
  • Perniö Museum
    Exhibitions on the prehistory of the valley of Perniö River; interiors of a farmhouse and a manor-house, collections of weapons, glassware, pewter, copper, textiles and pipes.   Salo
  • Pien-Toijola Open Air Museum
    The museum farm is a significant part of Finnish building heritage.   Ristiina
  • Pöljä Museum
    The home and farmyard of a small farmer from North Savo from the late 19th century.   Siilinjärvi
  • Reippi Museum
    An open-air museum area, peasant artefacts.   Pirkkala
  • Ronttismäki Workers' Museum
    The living of local industrial workers and craftsmen in the 1880´s in a complex of three wooden houses.   Forssa
  • Suomusjärvi Museum
    Agricultural implements, objects dating from the Stone Age.   Salo
  • Taaborinvuori Museum Area
    Dwellings and workshops of crafsmen.   Nurmijärvi

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