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Hiekka Art Museum

Pirkankatu 6,
33210 Tampere

Finland's oldest private art museum founded in 1931 by goldsmith Kustaa Hiekka. Museum includes art by famous Finns as well as objects from Hiekka's travels around the world.


Goldsmith Kustaa Hiekka can be considered the father of precious metal industry in Finland. The museum is build for his collections.

The collection of Finnish art, including works by Ferdinand von Wright, Albert Edelfelt, Eero Jrnefelt, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Pekka Halonen, Win Aaltonen and Yrj Liipola. Also furniture, gold and silver objects.

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Museum contact details

Hiekka Art Museum
Pirkankatu 6, 33210 Tampere

050 523 7251

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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card


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Museokortti, korttimaksu, kteinen, Smartum Kulttuuriseteli, Tyky-Kuntoseteli+

Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 15:00-18:00
Wed 15:00-18:00
Thu 15:00-18:00
Fri Closed
Sat Closed
Sun 12:00-15:00

The museum is temporarily closed due to the general coronavirus circumstances. (Normally open also by appointment, but not on Saturdays. Closed on holidays.

Guided tours

Please note, no guided tours are arranged until further notice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

No guidance tours until further notice.
Guidance by appointment (not on Saturdays), 70/100 , tel. +358 50 523 7251.