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Skolt Sámi Heritage House

The Heritage House and the open-air museum by it tell about the history of the Skolt Sámi inhabitants of Sevettijärvi.

Originally, the Skolt Sámi lived in Petsamo on the Kola Peninsula, in the area of the present Russia. As a result of World War II, the Sámi of Suonjel - who were evacuated from Petsamo - were settled in the Sevettijärvi - Näätämö area in 1949.

The Skolt Sámi Heritage House operates in an old Skolt Sámi homestead, that is, in a "Skolt home" and its outbuilding. In addition to the Heritage House, there is an open-air museum which introduces the visitors to the summer quarters of the Suonjel community. In the Heritage House, there is a small museum shop, which sells Skolt Sámi handicrafts and literature. The Skolt Sámi Heritage House is open in summer. Free for visitors.

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Skolt Sámi Heritage House
Sevettijärventie 9041, Sevettijärvi

0400 373 015

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Admission with Museum Card


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Valtioneuvoston päätöksen mukaisesti valtion ja kuntien museot ovat suljettuina 1.6. saakka. Yksityisen ja kolmannen sektorin toimijoiden suositellaan toimivan samoin.