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Jailed in Porkkala

Degerby Igor museum, Inkoo

  • 1.4.2023–

Three brothers and a boy of three in an inboard boat were on their way from Helsinki to Thtel in Inkoo where they should meet relatives 1949,
outside Hirsala they were apprehended, like many other boats and were towed to the Porkkala base.


Passsengers in the boat 1949 were the brothers Karl Johan; Karl Henrik and Karl Ture Olin and Tures three years old son Pekka (see the picture). Pekkas younger brother had been born in January 1949 and he remained home with his mother Aili in Helsinki.
- Ture was usually summoned for interrogations on the mainland (or on the island).
- First he should state his trade, Pekka recalls. When they learned that he owned the boat and that he was a metal worker, a welder, the Russians were really amazed: how can a worker earn so much that he can own a boat?
On the boat 1948 were Johan Elias Hllsten, skipper, his son Runar together with his comrades Bo-Erik Ingvall and Bo Westerholm.
As detainees in their own boat, the crew was interrogated over and over again at night. The most frequent questions were: - Were you in the war? - Have you shot a Russian?

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