Police is Here

Police Museum, Tampere

  • 13.6.2019–

What did a “relay crown servant” do? What about the “vice squad”? When did the first Internet police officers begin working? The Police Museum’s permanent exhibition, The Police is Here!,answers these and many other questions.


The permanent exhibition The Police is Here! depicts witch hunts, homicide, State treason, and cybercrime in the modern world as well. Museum guests can sit within the stone circle next to a beheading axe and marvel at the harsh legal practices and maintenance of public order in the past. The transformation of the relationship between the police and members of the public is a key aspect: how the police were regarded in the past, and the role of the police throughout the ages.

In the new exhibition, museum visitors will be able to walk along streets and alleys where the police do their everyday work. The “criminal landscape” of the various epochs is on display: crimes, accidents and the dark side of the lives of police clients.

The permanent exhibition is suitable for museum visitors of all ages.

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Police Museum
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Police Museum, Vaajakatu 2, 33720 Tampere


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