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Golden World - International Gold History

Gold Prospector Museum, Sodankyl

  • 1.1.2000–

Gold is the oldest metal worked by humankind.


What was life like in the gold fields of California? How was the legend of El Dorado born? And where does gold come from at all?

The Gold Museums international exhibition Golden World is a round-the-world journey through the history of gold prospecting and the relationship between gold and humankind. In the exhibition, you will discover some of the most fascinating stories and incredible discoveries in the history of gold. You will get to know the story of gold via the huge gold washing sites of the ancient Romans, the Celtic gold pot, golden ritual vessels and other top objects. The dark side of the gold mining is explored through the squalid working conditions in Brazil. Reconstructions of medieval gold panning tools will make you admire craftsmanship and human ingenuity.

The Golden World exhibition is located in a round building under the worlds largest gold pan. Gold information and exhibits have been collected in cooperation with embassies and gold panning associations to the worlds only Gold Museum presenting international gold history.

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Gold Prospector Museum
99695 Tankavaara

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Gold Prospector Museum, 99695 Tankavaara


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