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Siida - Smi Museum and Nature Centre

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Siida is your guide to Smi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.


Siida is your guide to Smi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.

The Smi Museum and Nature Center Siida is located in the village of Inari. The Smi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Center are responsible for Siida's operations. Our exhibitions and events serve as guides to the north: we guide our guests to the ancient and living Sami culture and arctic nature.

Siida's new exhibition is called "Enmeh l mii prnh - These countries are our children" based on the Inari Smi poem written by Matti Morottaja from Inari. The name of the exhibition summarizes the most important messages of nature and culture topics.

The cultural contents of the exhibition reflect on how the past lives in us - each of us has a diverse heritage from different eras, which helps us adapt to the changes around us. The nature perspective brings out especially the climate history after the last ice age, and we also consider what will happen to the climate in the future. Nature topics are discussed through the protected areas of North Lapland and the different habitat types and species that occur in them.

Smi Museum Siida's outdoor museum presents the cultural heritage, architectural heritage and livelihoods of the Smi people of Finland. The heart of the outdoor museum is Tirro's courtyard, which represents Inari's Taloll Sami construction and lifestyle from the 19th century. A visit to the outdoor museum is included in the price of the entrance ticket all year round.

Temporary exhibitions with Sami culture and nature themes.

The Smi Museum Siida is a national museum responsible for its special field, Smi culture, and a regional museum responsible for tasks concerning cultural environments in the Smi Area.
The museum also has a regional office in Sevettijrvi in "Kolttien Perinnetalo" Skolt Smi heritage house. The Skolt Smi heritage house exhibition and outdoor museum is open in summer and autumn.

Nature Centre Siida is a window into Norther Laplands nature experiences. In addition to joint permanent exhibition of the Smi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre, the nature center provides Metshallitus' versatile services and information about the region's tourism services.

Siida Shop is a museum shop. The shops products related to Smi culture and Laplands nature are the perfect items to add to your visit.

Sarrit is a comfortable cafe-restaurant where you can recharge for a moment during your visit to our exhibitions.

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Siida - Smi Museum and Nature Centre
Inarintie 46


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Siida - Smi Museum and Nature Centre, Inarintie 46


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Admission with Museum Card


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