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Boat Hall

The Maritime Museum of Finland, Kotka

  • 6.9.2021–

An impressive collection of boats from different decades


The centre stage in Boat Hall is taken by Thomas Johansons and Jyrki Jrvis gold-winning 49eR class sailboat from the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Older Olympic history is represented by the Australian rowing eight from the Helsinki 1952 Summer Olympics.

The streamlined speedboat from the 1930s competed successfully in speed racing, and the Kello 1 boat, which was built in the 1950s, was the trailblazer in metal boats. The small wooden Victoria boat reminds us of Tove Jansson, who travelled to her summer cottage at Klovharu by Victoria for nearly thirty years.

Traditional boat building skills in Kymenlaakso are represented, for example, by the Eeva boat from Summa village, the grandfathers boat as well as the Ruotsinsalmen vinttikoira boat and Kaunissaaren merilinen boat.

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The Maritime Museum of Finland
Tornatorintie 99, Kotka

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The Maritime Museum of Finland, Tornatorintie 99, Kotka


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