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Ehrensvrd Museum

Suomenlinna B 40,
00190 Helsinki

Stories of the Sveaborg Sea Fortress, a UNESCO site, along with 16th century noble living in an old Commandant's house.


The Ehrensvrd Museum is located on the original central courtyard of the fortress in the Commanders House. The first occupant of the building was Augustin Ehrensvrd (1710-1772), the founder of the Suomenlinna fortress. The Ehrensvrd Museums collection includes paintings, furniture, weapons and ship models.

The Commanders House is a good example of how housing and the defensive system were connected under the same roof. The buildings side wings also functioned as fortification bastions and it was possible to access the bastion terrepleins directly from the rooms. In case of an emergency the windows of the dining room as well as of the sleeping alcove could be used as crenels from which the main entrance to the fortress, the Artillery Bay, could be defended. The building was used as the commanders residence until 1855, when it lost its southern wing in the Crimean War.

In 1927 the Ehrensvrd Society made an initiative to establish a museum in those rooms, that had been used as commander Ehrensvrd s residence. The museum was opened in 1930, and renewed in 2015.

The museum focuses on the history of the fortress and contains portraits, artefacts, models of ships, charts and oil paintings by Elias Martin.

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Ehrensvrd Museum
Suomenlinna B 40, 00190 Helsinki

(09) 68999850

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Ehrensvrd Museum, Suomenlinna B 40, 00190 Helsinki


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