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HC BERG 14.5.-4.9.2022

Salo Art Museum Veturitalli (Roundhouse), Salo

  • 14.5.2022–4.9.2022


Summer and the season of light is the ideal time to present the works of Hans-Christian Berg (b. 1971). The exciting, eye-catching works bring the viewer back to the basics: Why do we see what we see? The structure of coloured acrylic plastic works draws the viewer in, as they are perceived differently from a distance than when up close. What does observation even consist of? The experience around Berg works is further enhanced by the fact that the experience of observation is also physical. 

The way we see and experience things is intertwined with our own experiences and past. This also affects how observation is discussed. HC Bergs works challenge the familiar way of looking at things, coaxing you to reject your preconceptions. They suggest that you should not always rely on your first sensory observation: the reality might be more complex than the human eye could ever truly see.

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Salo Art Museum Veturitalli (Roundhouse)
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo

(02) 778 4892

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Salo Art Museum Veturitalli (Roundhouse), Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo


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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

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