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Fateful Svensksund

The Museum of Kymenlaakso, Kotka

  • 9.6.2020–

The exhibition is a never-before-seen dive into the Svensksund naval battles, the largest ever in the Baltic Sea, fought just off the coast of Kotka.


This seemingly insignificant border location acted as the stage for a clash between the two great powers of Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Sweden. Follow the intertwined fates of thousands of sailors, soldiers and ordinary people and marvel at the stories of remarkably well preserved shipwrecks and a thriving naval fortress. Discover for yourself how the events and people of the 1790s also reflect our own times. Experience the Maritime Centre Vellamos most impressive and influential exhibition yet!

Fateful Svensksund was produced by the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Kymenlaakso Museum.

Read more: www.kohtalonaruotsinsalmi.fi/­en/­

Svensksund Pavilion, summer destination on Varissaari Island, Kotka. In terms of content and style, the pavilion is linked with Maritime Centre Vellamos Fateful Svensksund exhibition. The pavilion sheds light on the battles of Svensksund in 1789 and 1790 and the wrecks that lie at the bottom of the sea around the island. In addition to the wrecks, the focus is on peoples stories. You can visit the exhibition during the summer at 12:00–18:00 on the opening days of Restaurant Vaakku. Admission to the pavilion is free. Read more: https:/­/­www.merikeskusvellamo.fi/­en/­svensksund-pavilion/­

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The Museum of Kymenlaakso
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The Museum of Kymenlaakso, Merikeskus Vellamo, Tornatorintie 99 , 48100 Kotka


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