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Porvoo Triennal 2024: Space Is a Common Thing

The Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection, Porvoo

  • 8.6.2024–31.8.2024


Richard Johansson (born 1966) is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Sdra Mellby. He has participated in exhibition activities since the1990s. Johansson has carried out several public art projects together with Mette Bjrnberg, whose art is now on display in the Triennial section of Holm House.
In 2018 Johansson founded his own mobile Folk Art Museum. Folk art can also be seen as a source of inspiration for the artist, both in subjects and in the implementation.

The Porvoo Triennial is an urban festival of visual art held every three years. It is based on partnership and community. At the heart of the event are art exhibitions set in different parts of the city. The Triennial brings together many well-known visual artists from around the world. At the Triennial, contemporary art comments on the citys temporal and functional layers. It confronts and challenges the viewer in everyday life, even in unexpected situations.

This time, art conquers the urban space under the title Space is a Common Thing. The theme is widely discussed from different perspectives: nature, environment, humanity, society, community, individuality, and different structures. Contemporary art contains diverse and critical positions on the state of nature and the search for extremes.

The artistic director of the event is visual artist Petri Hytnen and the curator is the Swedish artist John Rasimus from Falun.

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The Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection
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The Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection, Aleksanterinkatu 5, 06100 Porvoo


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