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The Lenin Museum

Lenin Museum takes visitors on a fascinating journey to the history that Finland and Russia share.

Museum tells about the shared past of Finland and the Soviet Union in a touching and memorable way. The new museum is both serious and entertaining at the same time. A Soviet joke jukebox will make everyone laugh and startling wax figures of Stalin and Lenin offer a memorable spot for selfie pictures. A scale model of Stalin´s gulag camp reminds of the years of terror and horror, and the fate of dissidents in the past and present Russia is not forgotten either.

Lenin Museum is located at the Worker's Hall of Tampere and it is known as a Birthplace of the Soviet Union. At this same hall Lenin and Stalin met for the first time in 1905. This meeting had world historically significant consequences. These two decided to make the Russian Revolution, create the Soviet Union and let Finland become independent.

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The Lenin Museum
Hämeenpuisto 28, 33200 Tampere

010 420 9222

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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

8 / 6 €
Alle 18 v ilmaiseksi

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Guided tours

Guidance by appointment available in English and Russian.


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