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Museum's Permanent Exhibition

Rauma Maritime Museum, Rauma

  • 1.1.2006–December 2030

Rauma Maritime Museum offers you an in-depth view to the maritime cultural heritage of Rauma, the third-oldest town in Finland, to which the sea and seafaring have always been vitally important.

The Figurehead room

The city of Rauma might not exist without the sea and the waterfront. The cultural maritime heritage of the region is presented in the Maritime Museum. The permanent exhibition displays not only the ships, stories and atmosphere of the sailing ship era, but also the lifestyle of seamen during that time. The former Nautical College building is the perfect place to tell about the history of maritime training in Rauma. Local shipbuilding, which has a history reaching back for at least five centuries, is also one of the main themes present in the museum.

In most museums touching is not allowed - the Maritime Museum guides children to learn by playing and touching artifacts that are marked with signs "Please, touch!" (or in Finnish "Koske thn"). The navigation simulator s/s Jenny is also a favourite of our customers, young and old.

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