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Arctic Opposites opening in December 2024

Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi

  • 6.12.2024–

Renewed Arktikum Science Centre permanent exhibition opening in December 2024.


Renewed Arktikum Science Centre permanent exhibition ARCTIC OPPOSITES opening in December 2024. Arktikum house, museum exhibitions, caf and shop are open normally during the renovation.

Did you know that Finnish language has over 100 words for snow? Why dont the polar bears eat penguins? How many seasons are there in Lapland? Paint Auroras on the sky, create a winter snow storm and recognize the sweet smell of spruce sprouts. Opening in December 2024 the Arctic Opposites exhibition is an immersive science-based exhibition inviting visitors to discover life in the Arctic and its specific features.

From icy polar deserts to green tundra grasslands and boreal forests, from urban living to nomadic reindeer herders life and from northern lights to nightless nights – the Arctic is one of the most fascinating areas in the world. The Arctic Opposites exhibition offers the visitors a voyage through the uniqueness and beauty of the Arctic and raises awareness on how globalisation and climate change are challenging the region's social, cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. The content relies on Arctic research and science-based information to approach the Arctic in its environmental and cultural diversity. This approach will provide keys to a better understanding of the Arctic and its global dimensions.

Photos: Concept design, Arktikum Science Centre and Pentagon Design

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Admission with Museum Card

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