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Manifestations and Creatures

Timo Heino, Jaakko Tornberg ja Timo P. Vartiainen


The central theme of the exhibition is the material world and its various manifestations. The works can be seen through the lens of material symbols, consumerism and its critique, as well as from the viewpoint of the cycle of matter, waste and recycling. Each artist has their own approach to the material they use in their art.

The basis of Timo Heinos work is the material world in all its versatility and richness. His works are like meeting points for various materials and objects that are full of significance and temporal strata. Often the objects have already been in existence before becoming parts of the art works.

Playfulness and the critique of our consumerist and disposable culture are combined in Jaakko Tornbergs works but they are nevertheless instilled with insight and humour. His works are mostly comprised of discarded and abandoned scrap and junk materials. In the hands of the artist they are given a new life and a new significance.

In his art Timo P. Vartiainen approaches our everyday lives and consumerist habits with a specific principle in mind. He says: A recently discarded garbage bag can be as interesting and important as a pre-historic compost heap. The contents of our garbage bags tells a story about us in a more expressive and truthful way that we would care to admit.

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