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Wanda Holopainen, Naomi Holopainen, Priscilla Osei: Would I see the colours differently?

The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

  • 5.4.2024–2.6.2024

In the exhibition Would I See the Colors Differently, artists Naomi Holopainen, Wanda Holopainen, and Priscilla Osei investigate the act of balancing between privacy and publicness, and the spaces where visibility and invisibility converge.


In the exhibition Would I See the Colors Differently, artists Naomi Holopainen, Wanda Holopainen, and Priscilla Osei weave together stories from two continents, contemplating what can be communicated amidst silence, structural suppression, and erasure of narratives.

The artists have approached these themes by engaging in dialogues about them with the individuals featured in their photographs, within their own communities, and with each other. Together they have explored the conditions of privacy that shape our sense of security within communication and relationship building.

The relationship between private and public takes various forms, from acts of censorship to strategies of survival. Navigating the representation of stories rooted in inequality demands constant balancing between what should be revealed, and what is left unsaid. Trust, a cornerstone of both photographic and artistic practices, can be cultivated only through a commitment to its continuous care work.

The choice between privacy and publicity is rarely a simple one, constrained by external pressures and power dynamics. However, sacred secrets and resonating stories can transcend verbal communication. A private sphere can become shared, when common dreams and memories are visualised. Intimacy can take form in fleeting glances, captured by a camera, or in pauses between conversations.

The artists invite viewers to reconsider the boundaries between private and public realms, prompting reflection on the intricate interplay of safety, trust, and intimacy in our shared human experience.

Naomi Holopainen, Wanda Holopainen and Priscilla Osei all work in the intersections of art and social justice. This show is the first project they have created together. It was selected to be shown at the Finnish museum of photography through an open call titled Rebellious Body.

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