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Riiko Sakkinen - Presidental Game

The latest exhibition by artist Riiko Sakkinen (born 1976), titled The Presidential Game, turns its attention to a highly topical subject; Finland's presidential history from the beginning to the present.

The latest exhibition by artist Riiko Sakkinen (born 1976), titled The Presidential Game, turns its attention to a highly topical subject; Finland's presidential history from the beginning to the present. The exhibition comprises head-and-shoulders portraits of all 12 Finnish presidents to date, from Ståhlberg to the current incumbent, Sauli Niinistö. The portraits are rendered directly onto the art museum's blank white walls to form a historical continuum in honour of Finland's 100 years of independence. Visitors of all ages are invited to cast a vote for the president who has mattered most to them personally, whether in a positive or negative sense. The exhibition is focused on Finland's past, providing visitors with the opportunity to have their say on the country's history. The future is ever present, however. By 11 February, the identity of the 13th President of the Republic of Finland will have been announced, and we will know whether their portrait is already included in the exhibition.

Artist Riiko Sakkinen graduated from Finland's Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. He has spent nearly all of his artistic career living in Spain. As an artist, he has achieved significant international acclaim with works that boldly tackle the social issues of the day. Provocative in tone, his paintings and installations are a challenge to capitalist power structures, deftly employing the visual language of brands and advertising. Sakkinen has created his own style or genre, which he terms turborealism. According to the artist, the aim of turborealism is to raise awareness of the mechanisms of capitalism and its effects on society. His critique is often directed at both the internal structures at play within the art world and the most topical issues of the day, such as the current refugee crisis.

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