Museum Card - Your ticket to over 240 Museums!

Gain new experiences and become inspired in Museums all around Finland.

Museum card is a common entrance ticket to Finnish museums, and it is valid for one year after it has first been used. Your personal Museum Card gives you access to over 240 museums all around Finland.

Museum Card gives you access to:

  • the most important art and cultural-historical museums in Finland
  • the most significant specialised museums
  • regional museum centres
  • many local museums

Give Museum Card as a gift

Museum Card is an excellent gift that will provide the recipient with something to do for a whole year and will remind them of its giver with every museum visit. It offers refreshment, something nice to do, as well as memorable moments for their everyday life and celebrations.

You can purchase a Museum Card for yourself or as a gift from all the Museum Card museums or through the online store, EUR 64,90. 

Do you already have a Museum Card? Renew your Museum Card cheaply: Renewal of the Museum Card costs EUR 59,90.

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Музейная карта - единый билет, позволяющий посещать музеи Финляндии в течение одного года, начиная с первого дня использования. Индивидуальная музейная карта стоит 64,90 евро и дает право посещения более 240 музеев по всей стране.

Museokortti, die Museumskarte, ist ein Kombiticket für zahlreiche finnische Museen, die vom ersten Nutzungstag an ein Jahr lang gültig ist. Für 64,90 Euro erhalten Sie Zutritt zu fast 240 Museen in allen Teilen Finnlands. Die Museokortti ist nicht übertragbar.

La carte musées Museokortti vous permet d’accéder dans un grand nombre de musées finlandais. Elle est valable un an à compter de sa première date d’emploi. Cette carte nominative de 64,90 euros donne l’accès dans plus de 240 musées situés dans différentes parties de la Finlande.

La tarjeta de museos es una tarjeta conjunta de museos finlandeses la cual es válida por un año desde la fecha de su primer uso. La tarjeta, con un precio de 64,90 euros, permite la entrada gratuita a más de 240 museos en diferentes partes de Finlandia.


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