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Radio and TV Museum Mastola

Radiomenkatu 37,
15100 Lahti

The exhibitions of the Radio and TV Museum Mastola feature radio and television history from the olden days. The museum's interactive exhibits invite you to take part.


The Radio and TV Museum Mastola's exhibitions feature the history of the radio and television industry in Finland from the perspectives of both the viewers and the program creators. It also offers a cross section of program production in Finland. In the media tunnel you can watch and listen to popular clips from years gone by. The immersive living room presents various media devices people have had in their homes over the decades. You can also make your own newscast in the museums chroma key studio. The exhibition also reveals what the Lahti long-wave station is and why it was originally build in Lahti.

For safety reasons part of the museums exhibition devices are out of use, or the content has been made accessible via mobile device.

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Radio and TV Museum Mastola
Radiomenkatu 37, 15100 Lahti

044 416 4830

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Admission with Museum Card


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The museum is opening its doors again on June 2nd with the regular visiting hours. Museum is closed: 1.1.2020, 10.4.2020, 1.5.2020, 21.5.2020, 19.6.2020-21.6.2020, 6.12.2020, 24.12.2020-26.12.2020, 31.12.2020

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For security reasons we are not able to take reservations for groups, conferences or auditorium. Also we are not organizing guided tours or workshops. We follow public safety guidelines and we will inform the public as soon as possible when the situation changes.