• Muistoja matkan varrelta

    Muistoja matkan varrelta

    Pirkanpohjan taidekeskus

    Pirkanpohjan taidekeskuksen Sinisessä talossa on esillä Suomenselän Taiteilijaseura ry:n laaja kesä- ja...

    16.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Helge Dahlmann

    Helge Dahlmann

    Laukko Manor House

    Helge Dahlmannin värimaalaukset ihastuttavat Laukon kesässä pittoreskissa Puutarhurin talossa

    4.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Esittelyssä Kaiturin tila

    Esittelyssä Kaiturin tila

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    Suomen maatalousmuseo Saran kesäkohde 2019

    14.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Exhibition of machins

    Exhibition of machins

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    The exhibition introduces examples of the history of mechanization of Finnish agriculture.

    13.7.2017 - December 2030

  • Matka maidon historiaan

    Matka maidon historiaan

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    26.1.2019 - 22.12.2019

  • Sole mio -konsertti Villa Kokkosessa ke 17.7. klo 18.00

    Sole mio -konsertti Villa Kokkosessa ke 17.7. klo 18.00

    Alvar Aalto's Villa Kokkonen

    Taiteilijakoti Kokkosen isäntäpari toivottaa yleisön tervetulleeksi Sole mio -konserttiin keskiviikkona 17.7....

    17.7.2019 - 17.7.2019

  • Elämänlanka & Rautaa ja lankaa

    Elämänlanka & Rautaa ja lankaa

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    Anu Tuomen kahdessa taidenäyttelyssä tekstiilimateriaalit kutoutuvat muistoiksi

    1.6.2019 - 31.8.2019

  • Aili Ikonen & Jukka Perko Avara

    Aili Ikonen & Jukka Perko Avara

    Laukko Manor House

    Dusty Springfieldin nostalgiset laulut ovat saaneet uuden elämän Hectorin käsissä sukeutuen suomenkielisiksi...

    17.7.2019 - 17.7.2019

  • Vettä ja elämää -kesäopastukset

    Vettä ja elämää -kesäopastukset

    Museum of Technology

    Vettä ja elämää -opastuskierroksella perehdytään Vanhankaupungin teollisuushistoriaan, sekä...

    1.6.2019 - 11.8.2019

  • "Yhden asian liike" - viinanhuuruinen näyttely

    "Yhden asian liike" - viinanhuuruinen näyttely

    Visavuori Museum

    Tarinoita, esineitä ja pilapiirroksia alkoholista sekä alkoholipolitiikasta.

    1.10.2018 - 30.8.2019

  • Kansanlastentarha - Helsinginkatu 3-5

    Kansanlastentarha - Helsinginkatu 3-5

    Kindergarten Museum

    Täällä saa leikkiä!

    1.9.2009 - 31.12.2030

  • Ilmapalloautoja -työpajat

    Ilmapalloautoja -työpajat

    Museum of Technology

    Tekniikan museon heinäkuun työpajassa rakennetaan ilmapalloautoja ja tutustutaan samalla liikkeen...

    1.7.2019 - 31.7.2019

  • Before Machines

    Before Machines

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    Suomen maatalousmuseo Saran uusi näyttely kutsuu kävijän aikamatkalle talonpoikaisen Suomen maaseudulle

    2.3.2019 - 31.12.2030

  • Touch of Light

    Touch of Light

    Laukko Manor House

    This summer, the Late Medieval cellar of the Laukko mansion hosts an exhibit of the enigmatic concrete...

    4.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Taidemeditaatio


    Laukko Manor House

    Koe taide uudella tavalla Marita Liulian Mysterium -näyttelyssä.

    17.7.2019 - 17.7.2019

  • Summer Dreams by Jukka Rintala

    Summer Dreams by Jukka Rintala

    Laukko Manor House

    This summer, the gallery floor of the main building is exhibiting the unique evening gowns and paintings of...

    4.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Joulun taika

    Joulun taika

    Visavuori Museum

    Vanhan ajan joulu Visavuoren Ylätalossa

    24.11.2018 - 16.12.2024

  • Marita Liulia Mysterium

    Marita Liulia Mysterium

    Laukko Manor House

    This summer, there is an exhibit on the first floor of the main building showing new artworks by one of...

    4.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • Memory of Water, Memorial exhibition of Eero Hiironen (1938-2018)

    Memory of Water, Memorial exhibition of Eero Hiironen (1938-2018)

    Pirkanpohjan taidekeskus

    Pirkanpohja Art Centre shows a memorial exhibition of it's founder, sculptor and professor Eero Hiironen...

    16.6.2019 - 1.9.2019

  • The Age of Agriculture

    The Age of Agriculture

    Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka

    This exhibition is a journey through the three-thousand-year history of farming in Finland.

    13.7.2017 - December 2030


Rise up to the Museum challenge – Discover museums with a year of 50 challenges!

The museum challenge will inspire people to discover art, science, technology, design, nature, music, architecture and history! The challenge is a fun way to truly discover museums, whether you're a museum novice or a hard-core museum fan.

The museum challenge presents you with 50 different ways to get to know museums, both old and new. Several challenges can be completed in each museum visit, or you can just choose to complete one each time.

Completing the challenge pairs well with the Museum card. The museum card (69€) is a 12-month entrance ticket to 280 museums all around Finland, from the southern archipelago to the northern fells. You can also visit dozens of free museums around the country. Many museums also have special dates and events when entrance to the museum in question is cheaper or free of charge.

The Museum challenge is inspired by the reading challenge, promoted by Finnish libraries. The challenge is created by the Museum card team. The challenge is created in cooperation with students from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

How to participate in the Museum challenge?

You can download or print the challenge chart PDF or you can download or copy the Google Sheets chart file.

1. Anyone can participate 

The intention of the Museum challenge is to inspire people to visit different kinds of museums! So, whether you are a museum novice or a hard-core museum fan, you are welcome to rise to the challenge! There's something for everyone in museums: You can dive into the worlds of art, technology, science, design, nature, architecture or history!

You can grab a Museum card of your own to help you complete the challenge (priced at 69€), which will make popping into museums a breeze, every day if you wish! You can also decide to visit the dozens of free museums all around the country. Many museums also have special dates and events, when entrance to the museum in question is discounted or free of charge.

2. Freestyle it

You don't need to complete the Museum challenge in the listed order of challenge tasks. You can start from what point of the list you want and begin on any day of the year.

You can do a challenge per museum visit, or complete as many as you can and want during each trip.

If some of the challenges simply do not interest you, just skip them. You can compensate by doing some challenges several times, of course!

3. Share your experience on social media or with friends

Share your Museum challenge experiences and follow others with the hashtag #museohaaste. You can also join the 'Museot, näyttelyt ja Museokortti' Facebook-group and challenge your friends to participate. The Museum challenge is fun to complete with friends, and museums are awesome places to take someone out for a date as well!

Museokortti will share and reward the best pictures each month, so remember to add the hashtags #museohaaste and #museokortti. Instructions at:

4. Info on museums? is the combined home page for Finnish museums, loaded with the information on museums, exhibitions and events. With the categories and search functions, you can find out information on different museum themes near you. Wherever you may be, the map function can be used to show museums near you. You can also ask the museum staff for tips!

Museum challenges 2019

Share and follow the progress of others on social media with the hashtag #museohaaste. Always mention the number of challenges you have completed when publishing (for example 6/50). How many can you complete in a year?

1. Visit a museum or an exhibition which begins with the same letter as your name.

2. Take a selfie with the portrait of an artist. Share the selfie with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want.

3. Visit a museum which specializes in one subject. Finnish special museums include ice hockey, leather, the postal service, theater, spying and gold, among others.

4. Challenge a friend to join the museum challenge and go to a museum together! You can also challenge someone on social media by sharing the link and tagging your friend in.

5. Visit an exhibition that has an exhibit on clothing or handicraft traditions.

6. Find a piece of art, a historical photograph or an object which depicts values you cherish. Share a picture of it with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want. 

7. Visit a museum with children or try one of the Museum activities at

8. Get to know Finnish war history at a museum.

9. Visit a museum while listening to music with earphones or enjoy music in some form at a museum.

10. View a piece or an exhibition on climate change.

11. Sit down for ten minutes and write down some thoughts on your latest museum trip. Share the text on social media with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want.

12. Spot all four elements at a museum; earth, air, fire and water.

13. Have an adventure in a historical castle.

14. Find your next target museum from Museo-magazine or ask a tip from a member of museum staff.

15. Visit an exhibition which has an adjective in its name.

16. Discover science or technology at a museum.

17. Get to know a movie, documentary or a book which enhances your depth on an exhibition theme or an artist.

18. Find an exhibition or a piece of art that sparks emotions in you, for example sadness, joy, melancholy, or makes you laugh or angry.

19. Be inspired by a piece or exhibition and create something, for example a photo, text or a drawing. Share with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want.

20. Visit an exhibition or a museum that you'd normally not visit.

21. Find a piece or an object at a museum that was made in the year you were born.

22. Get to know the history of your own home area at a museum.

23. Walk through at least two exhibition rooms while pointing your finger at the object of your gaze.

24. Visit a museum outside your home town/municipality.

25. Find a piece of art at a museum which can be experienced with at least two senses.

26. Visit a museum devoted to a famous person.

27. Visit a museum which is in the middle of nature.

28. Take a picture of a museum building. Share the picture with #museohaaste if you want.

29. See an object or thing that Is over 1000 years old at a museum.

30. Ask a person who doesn't frequent museums to go to a museum with you.

31. Visit an exhibition which has a video exhibit. Watch the piece from start to finish.

32. Participate in a guided tour.

33. Visit a museum which has opened in the last 10 years.

34. Experience a piece of art that you can touch or "dive into".

35. Participate in a workshop in a museum. Share your creation with #museohaaste if you want.

36. Complete five challenges in a single museum.

37. Find an everyday object familiar to you in a museum. 

38. Spend a rainy day in a museum.

39. Participate an event held in a museum, e.g. an event day, a concert, theater piece or an artist meet and greet.

40. Find your favorite animal in a museum. Share a picture of it with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want.

41. Find out info about a museum building and the person who designed it before visiting the museum.

42. Find a costume in a museum that you'd like to dress up in for a fancy party. The costume can also be depicted in a photo or a painting.

43. Walk around an exhibit with "hand binoculars"; form rings with your thumbs and fingers and lift them to your eyes.

44. Visit a house museum or a home museum and find out about how life used to be before your time.

45. Journey to a museum with an exhibit on transportation devices.

46. Feel the Christmas spirit at a Christmas event or an exhibit at a museum.

47. Discuss a museum exhibit with a co-visitor who is not familiar to you.

48. Find a piece of art or a historical photo in a museum that depicts the sea or a lake. Share your finding with the hashtag #museohaaste if you want.

49. Visit two museums during a single day.

50. Invent your own museum challenge and complete it! Share your challenge with the hashtag #museohaaste if you wish, or send it to

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