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Alexander Salvesen: In Visibilis V

Vaasa City Art Gallery, Vaasa

  • 26.8.2023–

In Visiblis is a multidisciplinary exhibition that combines neon light, drawing, painting, sculpture and video. In In Visibilis V the viewer dives into a world of contrasts, color, light and darkness.


In Visiblis V is the fifth exhibition of Alexander Salvesens series of works with the same title. In Visiblis is a multidisciplinary exhibition that combines neon light, drawing, painting, sculpture and video. In In Visibilis V the viewer dives into a world of contrasts, color, light and darkness. Most of us use sight to orient ourselves in the world and life, both unconsciously and consciously. In a world where nothing is neutral or absolute everything exists in relation to something else and nothing happens in a vacuum. Polarization is todays trend as living conditions and traditions change and conflicts arise. Change, development and innovation always take place in border zones.

The works in the exhibition series are based on lines through which Salvesen deals with themes such as time, acceleration, society and humanity. Many works have had their starting point in barcodes, which is a data-driven sterile language for computers that we developed to maximize the effectiveness of various capitalist systems. Technology permeates our global societies. Binary codes in black and white lack something we have in our languages and in our ways of being and thinking. What do we miss when we simplify systems to just yes or no, right or wrong, one or zero? Our world is wonderful and shimmering in all possible nuances. It is exactly what makes it our home, that we love.

In In Visibilis V, Salvesen continues to address questions that directly affect our sense of sight. How do we perceive light? What nuances can and do we want to discern? A light lingers as afterimages and echoes as the eye moves on. It is interesting to ponder what it is that we actually have in front of our eyes and what arises in our brain. By starting directly from seeing, the exhibition asks questions about the relationship between us humans and everything else that affects our actions. The purpose of the works is to remind you of yourself and your way of seeing, so that you can think of another life with affection and respect. At the same time, the exhibition is a journey into a visual aesthetic that strives for color, calm and beauty beyond words in a polluted world where whoever screams the loudest most often wins.

Alexander Salvesen is a Swedish speaking visual artist and curator who lives in Helsinki. Salvesen works without prejudice with different visual media that usually have light as focus. His work is based on colors, shapes, spaces, and their relationship to each other and the viewer. Nature with all its diversity and phenomena, as well as our global geopolitical atmosphere is a strong inspiration source for him. In recent years, Salvesen has taken a strong stance on the ongoing climate catastrophe, the collapse of biodiversity and the changes in our habitat. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and events in Finland and abroad.

Previous exhibitions in the series are: In Visibilis I, Gallery Saskia (Tampere, 2021), In Visibilis II, Drawing Gallery D5, (Helsinki, 2021), In Visibilis III, Reflektor Malmi (Helsinki, 2022), In Visibilis IV, Art Center Ahjo (Joensuu, 2023). The next exhibition is In Visibilis VI, which will be displayed in 2024 in Porvoo Art Hall.

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