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What is Kouvola Made of?

Poikilo-museums, Kouvola Art Museum and City Museum, Kouvola

  • 23.11.2023–12.10.2025

What is Kouvola Made of?
23 November 2023 – 12 October 2025
Kouvola City Museum Poikilo


Kouvola is made of the Kymijoki river, factories, the railroad, manors, fields, rock paintings, garrisons Movement of people, joys, sorrows, plans and dreams, work and free time.
Todays Kouvola was created in 2009. That was the year when the Anjalankoski, Elimki, Jaala, Kouvola, Kuusankoski, and Valkeala municipalities were merged. In the end, the city is what the people who live here and call Kouvola their home make it.

The upcoming exhibition at the Kouvola City Museum asks the question, What is your Kouvola made of? It invites museum visitors to share their memories of their home locality. The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to view nostalgic films and photographs from the area of todays Kouvola and to reflect on their relationship with its important places. Come to the museum alone or in company, pause, and take a trip down the memory lane.

In connection with the exhibition, we will tour the Kouvola
area to collect priceless oral histories. Guided tours with
opportunities to reminisce will also be organised. Follow our channels for further information and join us!

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Poikilo-museums, Kouvola Art Museum and City Museum
Varuskuntakatu 11, 45100 Kouvola

020 615 5297

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Poikilo-museums, Kouvola Art Museum and City Museum, Varuskuntakatu 11, 45100 Kouvola


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