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Finnish Music Hall of Fame, Helsinki

  • 14.10.2019–31.12.2024

Music Museum Fame is dedicated to all genres of Finnish music, its creators and performers. The museum is compact but rich in content, as modern technology allows to experience music in an extraordinary way. The unprejudiced combination of classical and popular music encourages people to discover, encounter and cross genre borders. Visitors are also invited to throw themselves into the joys of singing and dancing.


As an introduction, a lively and evocative short film summarises the major turns of Finlands musical history since the 1890s to the present. The core of the museum, the Finnish Music Hall of Fame, is unique in that it includes the top representatives of all genres of music, from orchestra conductors to rappers, from heavy metal to folk music groups, and from symphony composers to schlager writers. Every year, a number of significant Finnish musicians and artists are added to the Hall of Fame. The selections are made by an extensive committee in which all the major organisations in the Finnish music field are represented. The museum presents the music and lives of the inducted members of the Hall of Fame diversely using text, pictures, objects, artwork and audio samples. In the same room, you can get acquainted with a wide range of musicians of all times and discover the pioneers, trailblazers and lone wolves.

The soul of Finnish music is explored by themes that have inspired Finns through the ages, being interpreted and reinterpreted in music. Virtual technology creates spectacular visions in a room that reflects Finlands musical psyche nature, humour, longing and dreams. The neighbouring room allows the visitor to be a fly on the wall and see and experience Finlands musical environments in a novel way using 360-degree videos and a virtual reality headset. You can step onto a festival stage, enter a cathedrals vaults, travel on a tour bus or follow the beat in a forest rave.

Music Museum Fame offers full musical immersion and a dive into the textures of music. Modern sound technology permits you to explore the roles that various instruments and voices play in a symphony orchestra, a mixed choir and a military band. You can make your voice heard by performing on Finlands finest stages, from the Helsinki Music Centre to Olavinlinna Castle, on a virtual karaoke tour. At the end of the visit, you can lose yourself in dance with well-known demonstrators at the Dance Studio. The joy of movement is the only rule, whether you choose ballet, disco or air guitar.

One room is reserved for temporary exhibitions, which are produced in co-operation with various music organizations, companies and experts. In this way, the museum can present different aspects of music in Finland, thus complementing and enriching the permanent exhibition. The first themes are women in popular music, recent Finnish schlagers, the export of Finnish metal music and Sibelius love of nature.

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Finnish Music Hall of Fame
Fredikanterassi 5 A, 00520 Helsinki Tripla

010 201 3100 (8,35 snt/puhelu + 16,69 snt/min)

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Finnish Music Hall of Fame, Fredikanterassi 5 A, 00520 Helsinki Tripla


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