Sámi Museum Siida

18.5.2018 (10:00-11:30) NÄYTTELY/TAPAHTUMA PÄÄTTYNYT


International Museum Day in Siida

The 18th of May will be the International Museum Day. To honour the occasion, Siida’s exhibitions are free for all visitors throughout the day. In the morning, we will have a taste of how fruitful the cooperation between a museum and a school can be.

Voit ostaa Museokortin tästä museokohteesta tai verkosta

Starting at 10 a.m., Liisa Haataja – a student at the Sámi Education Institute in Inari – will tell about the unique jewellery project she carried out during her on-the-job training. The piece of jewellery she crafted has been inspired by the silver pendant, “the cradle ball”, that is at display in the exhibition on Johan Nuorgam.

From 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., we will offer visitors a guided tour and a workshop in the Johan Nuorgam – A Sámi Cultural Broker exhibition. The workshop suits all those who study or are interested in Sámi or non-Sámi handicraft, or the Sámi language and culture. In the workshop, we will have a closer look at the artefacts collected by Johan Nuorgam, as well as his life and work both as a language and cultural expert and an active figure in society. The workshop is carried out in North Sámi and/or Finnish. Participants need to register by 16 May at anni.ahlakorpi@samimuseum.fi

Johan Nuorgam from Lake Iijärvi (1910–78) was an early cultural broker of the Sámi. He was a connoisseur of Sámi traditions with high proficiency in the Sámi language, whom many researchers used as their source. In the 1930s, he was employed as a guide in the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum of the Finnish National Museum, collecting artefacts himself too. Later, he became a journalist, politician and an active culturally oriented person; he also founded the Inari Sámi Museum in the late 1950s. The exhibition – which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Siida – is built around the rare set of artefacts Nuorgam collected. The collection is the first set of artefacts restored to the Sámi Museum by the Finnish National Museum.

On the Museum Day, three other temporary exhibitions are available for the public: “Siida’s 20 Years: A Photo Show”, “Multiformes – Artistic Handicrafts with Stories of Lapland” and “Eleven Images of Sámi Life Today”; of them, the last two have been opened in May. The Photo Show celebrates the 20-year-long journey of Siida, consisting of unforgettable memories from the two decades. There is a book by the Photo Show in which anyone can share their greatest or dearest moments in Siida!

The narrative artworks of the Multiformes exhibition inspire us to reflect on the lessons offered by Nature and on how to use this knowledge for the benefit of a more tolerant and humane future. Nature in all its diversity is a functional, unbroken whole, of which we humans are just a tiny part. Modern people are often too busy to stop, reflect and retreat. The works of Irene Kangasniemi and Oda-Liv Koivisto remind us of the importance of being in harmony with Nature and the fact that we can learn a great deal from Nature.

The Eleven Images of Sámi Life Today exhibition depicts the present circumstances of twenty-seven Sámi from their own points of view. Through photographs, videos and stories told by these people themselves, the exhibition introduces the public to the diversity of Sámi culture, but also to the common features in their experiences.

Welcome to Siida!

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