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From "malavi" to "sukuna"- the story of iron

Möhkö Ironworks Museum, Ilomantsi

  • 1.1.2010–31.12.2025

From "malavi" to "sukuna"—the story of iron - exhibition demonstrates the course of iron by illustrative scale models from lifting the ore to smelting.

Scalemodel of the blast furnace at Möhkö Ironworks.

Pig iron was refined from lake ore at Möhkö Ironworks between 1849 and 1908. Ironworks was the largest iron manufacturer in Finland and employed hundreds of people. Lake ore was lifted from the bottom of the lakes from rafts. Ore was smelted into iron in blast furnaces. When ready, iron was transported to Värtsilä for the purposes of further refinement, or to the foundries in St Petersburg.
In the salon of Pytinki one can experience the afternoon of the master and mistress, and little travellers are expected in the play room of olden times.

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Möhkö Ironworks Museum
Möhköntie 209, 82980 Möhkö

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Möhkö Ironworks Museum, Möhköntie 209, 82980 Möhkö


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