Sibbe Live!: Musica Ricercata

The Sibelius Museum, Turku

  • 24.5.2023 (19.00)

Marie Krkk, piano

Gyrgy Ligeti, Bela Bartk, Aleksander Scriabin, Sergei Prokofiev


The Italian word ricercata can be translated as sought, studied, desired or wanted. One of composer Gyrgy Ligetis most famous solo piano works is called Musica Ricercata. It is a piano suite of eleven small pieces composed by Ligeti between 1951 and 1953. The work was a major milestone in the field of art music at the time, as Ligeti created an entirely new style of composition, Ex Nihilo, which means from nothing in English. This piano suite served as a kind of opening for the style he would use in his later work. With this concert we celebrate Gyrgy Ligetis birthday, which will be a full 100 years in May 2023. Ligeti will be accompanied by piano music by Bela Bartk, Alexander Scriabin and Sergei Prokofiev.

Marie Krkk is a Helsinki-based piano artist and Feldenkrais teacher, who trained in both professions in Italy. Since returning to Finland, she has organised her own concert series and worked as a piano teacher in several cities. In 2018, she founded her own studio, Pianokellari, in the centre of Helsinki. In November 2021 he started to produce a concert series Kellarista kajahtaa! in this space, which offers home-concert style events a few times a year. In addition to Krk, the series will feature guest artists invited by her. Krkk graduated with a Master of Music degree from the Verona Conservatory in 2012. Prior to that, he graduated from professional music schools in Helsinki and Lahti. As a pianist, Krkk has performed over the years as a soloist as well as a lied and chamber musician in his native Finland and Italy, but has also visited Poland and Russia. In her free time, she enjoys all kinds of art and a wide range of activities.

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