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South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta

  • 30.10.2021–13.3.2022

The international art jewellery triennial KORU7 presents the newest art jewellery pieces from both up-and-coming and established artists from around the world.


The exhibition is a topical look at the many questions of our time, examined through the lens of identity, the body and the world around us. The pieces displayed in the exhibition have been selected to reflect the different premises and modes of expression of art jewellery. The variety of forms and the fine detail reveal the skill of handcrafted expression. The materials of the pieces and the experiences they create encourage visitors to look at jewellery in new ways. The seventh KORU event has been produced by the Finnish Jewellery Art Association.

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2.1.-6.6.2021, 23.8.-30.12.2021 Tue-Sun 11-17, 7.6.-22.8.2021 Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 11-17

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