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Stairway to Sanctity

RIISA´s collection exhibition is a place where the thousands of years of Byzantine
tradition meet the cultural heritage Karelian Orthodox communities, the Orthodox way of
life and the cycle of the church year

The themes of the exhibition include: the Early Church, the history of the Orthodox Church of Finland, prayer and the ascetic life, the altar and iconostasis, the Karelian Orthodox chapel, the Reconstruction period of the Finnish Orthodox Church, Valamo Monastery´s Museum of Antiquities and gifts from the Russian imperial family, icons, the Sacraments, the church year and its Great Feasts, and from death to resurrection.

The goal of of the renewed museum has been to create a diverse and accessible museum experience for the visitors. The visual appearance of the exhibition was designed by architecture, art and design studio Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd. The visual appearance of the exhibition was inspired by the rizas, metallic icon covers, found in the Museum´s collections. Golden and silver riza designs alternate in the museum and the Finnish word for riza, "riisa", became the Museum´s new name.

RIISA - Orthodox Church Museum of Finland was founded in 1957 in the city of Kuopio. Its roots are in the Museum of Antiquities founded in the Valamo Monastery in 1911. As an expert organization, RIISA is responsible for the preservation, exhibition and research of the visual and tangible cultural heritage of the Orthodox Church of Finland. The Orthodox Church Museum of Finland Foundation was founded in 2012.

RIISA is a museum with a soul.

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RIISA - Orthodox Church Museum of Finland
Karjalankatu 1, 70110 Kuopio

020 6100 266

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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card


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RIISA IS CLOSD FOR THE FURTHER NOTICE BECAUSE OF THE CORONA VIRUS. (tue-thu, sat 12am-4pm mondays, fridays and sundays closed)

Poikkeusolosuhteiden vuoksi suosittelemme varmistamaan museon avautumispäivämäärän ja aukioloajat museon omilta kotisivuilta ennen museovierailua.

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