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LAILASISYFOSFENIX - sculptors life

, Vantaa

  • 1.6.2023–30.9.2023

LAILASISYFOSFENIX (1.6-31.8.2023) exhibition introduces the life and work of sculptor and artist professor Laila Pullinen, and exhibits objects from her studio as well as from her private life.


Sisyphus and the Phoenix were metaphors for Pullinen both in her professional and private life. Like Sisyphus always rolling a heavy stone up the slope, sculpting was for Pullinen a creative task that always returned to the starting point after completion. Art and sculpting were more than a profession for Pullinen, especially in the way that the meditative motion of sculpting healed both body and soul, and through which she rehabilitated herself several times, from the tuberculosis she contracted at the age of 14 to the stroke she suffered at the age of 70.
In Pullinen's ability to rise from the ashes of various illnesses and accidents, the firebird's unstoppable destiny is crystallized: the perpetually reborn, unyielding will to begin again.

The exhibition "LAILASISYFOSFENIX - a sculptor's life" exhibits angle grinders, marble chisels and rasps used in working with plaster related to a sculptor's work - but also rare curiosities, such as previously unseen works of youth from the time before sculpture studies (pencil, gouache and oil on canvas). In addition, there are a couple of unfinished works on display, through which the public can see the creative process, how the sculptor sees shapes in her material. Next to the tools, there are work photos and other background material on display.

The exhibition paints a picture of Pullinen as an agent whose every choice was guided by aesthetic criteria and an overall balance between private and public. The exhibition opens up a perspective on the disciplined sculptor as an artist who rises from the ashes: reborn, and constantly reinventing herself.

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