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Martti Jms: Liquid Photography

, Mikkeli

  • 8.1.2021–13.2.2021

Experimental black & white photographs from his darkroom.


I pour developer, stop bath and fixer in to the trays. I turn on the red safelight.

On the shelves I have old photo papers; some I have bought, some are gifts. Already the names on the boxes excite my imagination: Agfa Lupex, Tura Portrait-Rapid, Forte Bromofort.

I open one box, touch the paper, and feel the rough surface of the emulsion. The paper smells old and special. I turn on the ceiling light, turn the paper toward the lamp, and let it get exposed. By giving extra light, I can get more black, and the paper wont just stay gray.

I turn off the ceiling light. The darkness turns red again; it is calm and quiet.

I press the corner of the photo paper into the liquid in the developing tray. Gradually, the paper slides to the bottom of the tray. I move it and turn at times with an atul. Suddenly, changes begin to occur in the paper. More than 50 years old photo paper is gaining new life. I think the picture is ready now.

Martti Jms (b. 1959, Jokioinen) is a self-taught photographer. He is an old-time craftsman who enjoys working in his own darkroom, making his black-and-white photographs himself.

Jms has made 15 photobooks and 14 portfolios. He has held exhibitions since 1982 both at home and abroad. Jms's photographs are in several collections.

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