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The Region Of A Hundred Villages

The exhibition brings the villages into the museum as a reminder that the entire Loviisa region is full of history and interesting stories.

On display in the exhibition are peasant objects and a playable model of a double house with its inhabitants, made by Taina Pailos. In addition to photos from the museum's own collection, there are plenty of ethnological photos from the archives of the Svenska litteratursällskapet. A more recent period can be seen in the photos of the farmer and photographer Alf Willner, who photographed the villages and their inhabitants in the 1950s and 60s.

It has been 10 years since the municipalities of Pernaja, Liljendal and Ruotsinpyhtää were fused with Loviisa, so it is high time to make room for them in the museum too. The topic is broad but the themes selected in the exhibition illuminate the development of the region and the everyday life of the people in the villages.

In the exhibition visitors can familiarise themselves with the different chores of a self-sustaining agrarian society from the Middle Ages to the 1900s. Habitation in the villages of the region arose long before the founding of the city of Loviisa in 1745.

The exhibition is part of the museum's "Villages into the Collections" -project, for which the museum received funding from Svenska Kulturfonden in 2019. The project increases the museum's expertise about the villages of the Loviisa region. The museum is still searching for more photos from the villages to it's photography collection.

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