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By Nature

By Nature presents a diverse group of active contemporary artists from Ostrobothnia or from the nearby areas. They were either born in Ostrobothnia or moved to Ostrobothnia and have strongly rooted in the area.

An artist can identify himself as Ostrobothnian despite being born, for example, in Colombia, Germany or Romania.

The thematic starting point is nature, but in addition to the traditional perspective, the works deal with how nature is perceived and interpreted. Nature does not only consist of what is transmitted to the viewer in the form of images but it also creates the atmosphere and environment, sometimes unconsciously, for the artist.

This unconscious process is an important part of the artist’s creative activity and affects how the artist approaches nature in a way that is natural to them. The whole atmosphere and environment in which the artist lives, in this case Ostrobothnia, is labelled on this basis.

The aspects balanced in the exhibition are, on one hand, pure nature and on the other, the nature that is subjectively experienced by the artist. Some artists take nature as a bright starting point in their own creativity, while others create individual perspectives in relation to the surrounding world and attach greater importance to it.

The exhibition presents artworks that have not previously been seen in Ostrobothnia. Some of the artworks were made specifically for this exhibition. The performance-based work is completed during the exhibition and one of the works is created directly in the exhibition space. Society, politics and horror are the starting points for artists. Digital painting is combined with the precision of natural science and photography and moving image are essential forms of expression in depicting nature alongside with classical drawing.

The artists in the exhibition: Dragos Alexandrescu, Robert Back, Albert Braun, Moa Cederberg, John Court, Malin Franzén, Oscar Hagen, Heidi Katajamäki and Patricia Rodas.

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