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Once Upon a Time – The Aune Laaksonen Art Foundation Collection

Artworks often hold a multitude of stories, with viewers also adding their own chapters.

In this exhibition, the Aune Laaksonen Art Foundation’s collection is approached through these stories. What memories are associated with the artworks or what kind of thoughts and feelings do they evoke? The authors of these stories are the artists, the volunteers who used to work with the collection and the viewers who interpret the works of art. A white grand piano plays in the background.

The Aune Laaksonen Art Foundation’s art collection, donated to Kerava in 2018, includes over two-thousand artworks from leading Finnish artists. The main collection is linked to the birth of the Kerava Art Museum and was collected between 1971 and 2004. The exhibited works include art by artists Outi Heiskanen, Kuutti Lavonen, Antti Tanttu, Nina Terno and Hannu Väisänen to name a few.

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