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Eastern Finland in Photographs

South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta

  • 14.11.2020–11.4.2021

Closed 4.3.-30.4.2021.

From the 1860s to the 2020s, this exhibition reveals how photography has shaped our understanding of the eastern regions of Finland.


During this time, through their photography, photographers have reacted to many different ideas, interests and styles that have cut across Eastern Finland, making the region rich in diversity and mythology. In the East captured in these photographs, nature and age-old myths collide with the aspirations of modern humans. This broad historical overview collects the most important photographers and the most significant photographs of Eastern Finland into one place. The exhibition contains approximately 100 photographs taken throughout a large geographical area stretching from Savo to Suursaari (Gogland) and from the northern shores of Lake Ladoga to Petsamo.

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