1. Buying a Museum Card for yourself or as a gift

1.1. Where can I buy a Museum Card for myself?

You can buy a Museum Card for yourself at Museum Card museums or online at Museum Card web store and on the Museum Card mobile application.

When purchasing a card at a museum, you get a temporary Museum Card, the number of which you register as a Museum Card user. We will send you a permanent card on the basis of the registration information.

When you buy a Museum Card for yourself online (on the online store and application), you do the registration in connection with the purchase, and we send the permanent card directly to the address you have given. Following the purchase, you will receive your customer number by email and SMS. You can use the customer number as your entry ticket to Museum Card museums immediately.

On the Museum Card mobile application, you can pay by payment cards. At the web store, you can use the following payment methods:

  • Payment cards (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Online bank payments
  • MobilePay
  • ePassi
  • Smartum saldo
  • Edenred Card

If you wish to use your Debit card, you will find the number and the security code at the bottom of the back of your card. On the online store, the total sum must be paid with the selected payment method.

1.2. Where and how can I buy a Museum Card as a gift?

You can buy a Museum Card as a gift on our web store and at the Museum Card museums. You can buy as many gift Museum Cards at a time as you like.

At the Museum Card museums, you can pay for the gift Museum Card cash or by card. When buying a Museum Card as a gift on our web store, payment cards and, online bank payments and MobilePay are possible payment methods. More information about Museum Card used as a gift can be found here.

When buying a Museum Card as a gift on our web store, you can choose how the Museum Card will be delivered to the recipient: by post in a gift envelope, or digitally by text message and email. You will choose the date and time of delivery of the digital gift. You can also add your greetings to the gift, and they will be shown in the email.

When you buy a gift Museum Card in a museum, you will get a temporary card in an envelope, which you can give to anyone you want.

1.3. Is there a special Museum Card for children, students, or the retired?

There are no special prices for different customer groups. In 2024, a new Museum Card costs €79, and the renewal of a valid card costs €73.

1.4. Can I pay for the Museum Card with Culture and Recreation vouchers?

A Museum Card can be bought and renewed at Museum Card museums with Culture and Recreation vouchers. However, this payment option depends on the museum’s payment systems, so please check their policies by calling or checking the homepage of the museum in question. Remember that Culture and Recreation vouchers are personal.

On the Museum Card web store and the customer page, you can use Smartum, ePassi and Edenred card as payment methods. On the web store, the total sum must be paid with the selected payment method. You can also buy a Museum Card with cultural and recreational benefits at Tiketti. Learn more about Tiketti’s payment methods here. You can find the Tiketti web store page here.

1.5. Can I pay for cards with an invoice?

It is possible to pay orders of more than 10 Museum Cards with an invoice. At museot.fi/yritystilaus a company or association can easily order several cards and pay for the order through a paper or online invoice. If you want to pay for the renewal of several cards through an invoice, please contact Museum Card Customer Service.

1.6. Can a person living abroad buy a Museum Card?

Yes, plastic cards are also mailed to addresses outside Finland.

If necessary, you can use the c/o marking, and, in the address field, add the address of your place of work or a friend, or a temporary address where you are staying for at least a month. Add c/o to the beginning of the address field. If you don’t have such an address available, you can contact Museum Card customer service.


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