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Thomas Houseago – WE with Nick Cave & Brad Pitt

Sara Hildéns Konstmuseum, Tampere

  • 18.9.2022–15.1.2023

Sara Hildén Art Museum is proud to present Thomas Houseago’s first exhibition in the Nordic countries.

Taiteilijat Nick Cave (vas.), Thomas Houseago ja Brad Pitt Sara Hildénin taidemuseolla Houseagon veistosten keskellä.

Los Angeles-based Thomas Houseago (b. 1972, Leeds, UK) ranks among the leading sculptors of his generation, acclaimed for his vanguard rendering of the human figure, often as part of an architectural installation.

For Houseago, creativity is fundamental, common to all people and flowing in all of us. For this exhibition, the artist has taken a radical response to the invitation for the exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum. By including artworks by his creative associates, he introduces the concept of WE, recontextualizing the concept of original creation to challenge the idea of the artist as a solitary individual and celebrate a more collectivist approach. Houseago is presenting his own sculpture and paintings alongside a ceramic series by Nick Cave and sculptures by Brad Pitt. Cave and Pitt are already renowned in their respective fields of music and cinema, but this is the first time ever they have exhibited their artwork – pieces which were created during the course of an ongoing dialogue with Houseago.

Although each body of work remains individually authored, their presentation under the collective title reflects the connected nature of the works and their makers. WE is an open-ended concept that encourages new ways to think about art-making and the role of the solitary artist, which are less about ideas born exclusively to a single author. Houseago sees WE as an incorporation of all artforms and anyone he might connect with creatively. With the ultimate aim to spread hope and inclusiveness, the parameters and participants of WE may expand, yet with its beginning here with three figures each widely recognized for their individual talent, by challenging the need for such distinctions the message of WE is emphatically underscored.

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Sara Hildéns Konstmuseum
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Sara Hildéns Konstmuseum, Laiturikatu 13 (Särkänniemi), 33230 Tampere


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