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Patrol vessel Telkk

Tornatorintie 99

The patrol vessel Telkk (1958) of the Kymenlaakso Museum/Coast Guard Museum is open in the summertime at Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka.


After World War II, there was a severe lack of coast guard equipment. The new Koskelo-class vessels Koskelo, Kuikka, Kiisla, Kuovi, Kurki, Kaakkuri, Telkk and Tavi (all named after water birds) were introduced in 1955–1960. The steel-framed coastguard vessels travelled along the narrow waterways of the archipelago and could also withstand the waves on the open sea. In addition to surveillance, they were used in sea rescue and search missions. Telkk also served as a school ship.

The Koskelo class was removed from use in the 1980s, but Telkk, Kaakkuri and Kuikka were restored and donated to Estonia. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Baltic states had to quickly build their border control services from nothing. The issue was also important for Finland and the security of the entire Baltic Sea. In 2002 Telkk was turned into a museum vessel and became a part of the exhibitions of Kymenlaakso Museum/Coast Guard Museum.

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Patrol vessel Telkk
Tornatorintie 99

040 3500 497

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Patrol vessel Telkk, Tornatorintie 99


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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card


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Telklle on kaikilla vapaa psy./Fritt intrde fr alla./Free entry for all.

Opening hours

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Telkk is closed during the winter season and will open in the spring of 2024.. Exceptions to Vellamo's opening hours: https:/­/­­en/­exceptions-to-opening-hours/­.

Guided tours

Telkk can be explored independently and there are also guides present.