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Smi Museum Siida

Inarintie 46,
99870 Inari

Smi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is your guide to Smi culture and northern nature.


Smi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is your guide to Smi culture and northern nature.

Siida is located in the town of Inari, in the Smi Homeland.

The Smi Museum preserves and presents the spiritual and material heritage of the Finnish Smi in its collections and exhibitions. Our exhibitions show how nature and people have adapted to the extreme conditions of the Northern environment side by side. Temporary exhibitions on cultural history, nature and art.

The open-air museum presents typical dwellings of the Smi fishermen and the nomadic Smi, as well as hunting methods and reindeer husbandry. Open-air museum is open again 1.6.2021.

The Siida building that opened in 1998 is expanded at the moment. The new parts will be housing the Smi Museum Collections Unit and the restaurant.
In May 2021 Siida is closed as the museum collections and restaurant will move to new premises and customer service will move to temporary premises.
Siida-building will be renovated 1.6.2021-31.3.2022 and at the same time joint permanent exhibition of the Smi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre will be renewed. During the renovation phase you can visit the enriched open-air museum.
The larger, renovated Siida and the new exhibition will open in April 2022.

Smi Museum has regional unit in Sevettijrvi where the Smi Museum maintains the Skolt Smi Heritage House, which is open in summer and autumn.

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Smi Museum Siida
Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari

0400 898 212

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Smi Museum Siida, Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari


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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card


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Kulttuuriseteli, Virikeseteli ja TYKY-kuntoseteli kyvt psylippujen ja vuosikorttien maksuvlinein Siidassa.

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Siida is closed in May 2021. Open Jun 1 - Sep 30 Mon-Sun 9-17.

Guided tours

Guidance by appointment.