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The Hour of the Wolf

Hmeenlinna City Museum Skogster Museum, Hmeenlinna

  • 28.5.2024–18.8.2024

This summer, Hmeenlinna City Museum presents an exhibition exploring the relationship between Finns and wolves.


Wolves have both fascinated and frightened people throughout history. In many cultures, the wolf has been seen as a fearsome predator threatening livestock and humans. Especially in old European tales, the wolf often symbolized evil, danger and threat. However, in some cultures, the wolf has been viewed as a wise spiritual guide and a symbol of community and cooperation.

In Finnish folklore, the fox was cunning and the bear strong, while the wolf's role often involved devouring other characters. In ancient Smi and Finnish tales, humans either voluntarily assumed the form of a wolf or were cursed to become one. In contemporary popular culture, wolves are depicted in various ways in literature, films, TV series, and games.

However, coexistence has not always been peaceful in either fiction or reality. Throughout history, Finns have hunted wolves using various methods, from sharpened sticks to grenades dropped from airplanes.

Until the 19th century, rural folk believed that hunting wolves was a waste of time, considering wolves to possess a power beyond human control. However, after a series of child deaths in the late 19th century, fear of wolves increased, and stories of wolf attacks spread across the country through newspapers. Authorities also became more actively involved in developing hunting methods, including offering bounties.

The relationship between wolves and humans has fluctuated between respect and fear. This summer at the Skogster Museum, the exhibition will examine the relationship between wolves and humans from various perspectives, including popular culture and historical hunting methods, and the role of wolf hunters in communities.

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