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Kari Juutilainen – Discover

Mikkeli Art Museum , Mikkeli

  • 10.2.2024–26.5.2024

The 2024 exhibition year of the Mikkeli Art Museum begins with the exhibition Discover by visual artist Kari Juutilainen.


Kuopio-based Kari Juutilainens exhibition highlights the importance of the painting process in the creation of an artwork.

”Making art begins when an idea starts to take shape, grow and develop into an artwork. When portraying an invisible world which is hard to describe, visual thinking offers access to an area that words may not reach.” The Discover exhibition features mainly Juutilainens new work which is characterised by organic and geometric layered structures and the interplay of chaos and order.

Kari Juutilainen, originally from Pieksmki, is a prolific and versatile visual artist who has held over 30 solo and more than 100 group exhibitions during his 40-year career. His work includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, music, videos, performances as well as spatial audio productions. Juutilainen is a member of the Finnish Painters Union, the Kuopio Artists Association, Dimensio ry and the Finnish Critics Association.

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Mikkeli Art Museum , Maaherrankatu 18-20, kauppakeskus Akseli 2.krs


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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

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