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Uusi kaupunki Collective: EXPO2100

Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

  • 25.11.2022–2.4.2023

The Studio exhibition Uusi kaupunki Collective: EXPO2100 – Home and City in the Future opens six windows into the future based on the collective’s research.


What if the future is not yet lost? What kind of changes and decisions in our society and our built environment must be made today to give us a bright tomorrow? The Studio exhibition Uusi kaupunki Collective: EXPO2100 – Home and City in the Future opens six windows into the future based on the collective’s research.

Everything we build must be made to last. The buildings that are now under construction – or at least the materials used in them – must last for hundreds of years. Architects must improve their foresight skills and ability to look ahead much further than they are currently. The built environment must be developed within the limits of nature’s carrying capacity, in such a way that the environment increases well-being for both humans and all other species.

Fortunately, there are many routes to a sustainable future. The six teams of the Uusi Kaupunki Collective envision six different perspectives on dwelling in the year 2100. The joint scenario outlines the prerequisites for pursuing a sustainable future and shows what kind of alternatives and choices can produce a well-built environment and comfortable homes.

The exhibition on display in the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s Studio will be complemented by articles and podcasts, which will be published on the Expo 2100 website: (www.uusi-kaupunki.fi)

Uusi Kaupunki Collective
The Uusi Kaupunki Collective is a collaborative group and venture of 10 architectural offices, known for being a pioneer of inclusive methods and a democratizer of urban planning. The collective has become known for numerous open workshops and events organized in different parts of Finland and Europe, as well as from the television series “Kaupunki uusiksi” [“Renew the city”], shown on the YLE channel in 2015, which followed the work of the collective. The Uusi Kaupunki Collective received the Pietilä Award in 2016, and the Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun Ruusut [The Finnnish Society of Urban Planning Rose] award in 2014.

The EXPO2100 exhibition is based on the collective’s latest research project, which has been made possible by the Asko Foundation. Six of the architectural offices belonging to the Uusi Kaupunki Collective are participating in the exhibition: AOR, Avarrus, Jada, Kaleidoscope & Arkkitehdit Tommila, Muuan and Virkkala de Vocht.

The studio is a small, admission-free exhibition space located on the ground floor of the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

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