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Hmeenlinna Art Museum, Hmeenlinna

  • 15.11.2022–22.10.2023

Aimed at babies and their families, ON ALL FOURS invites hands-on exploration. An immersive site-specific work, it is accessible through a door designed especially for babies.


This artwork has been designed and created by artists working at the Kruunup childrens cultural centre in Pori. They all have a long track record of working with young children.

The exhibition comprises a video projection and a floor level sculptural expanse that can be experienced by crawling, scooting and shuffling or simply used for watching the video, relaxing and rolling around. The baby movement patterns and social encounters presented as part of the video have been observed and recorded during Experiential Colour Workshop for Babies sessions. The same movement patterns are repeated across the cushion-like sculpture, which encompasses are series of textures and sounds as well as a choice of routes to follow. The exhibition is suitable for all ages.

Artists: Annina Jansson, Kirsi Jaakkola, Sanna Pajunen-Kyynrinen, Annukka Olli, Pivi Setl and Veijo Setl/ Childrens Cultural Centre Kruunup. Babies: Alma Al-Ogaidi, Robin Domander, Noel Haapala ja Eeli Piippo.

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Hmeenlinna Art Museum, Viipurintie 2, 13200 Hmeenlinna


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