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Julius Caesar – Triumph and Death of a Roman Conqueror

Kuopio Museum, Kuopio

  • 16.9.2022–26.3.2023

The exhibition paints a portrait of the great legend of the Roman history.


Julius Caesar was an ambitious politician, a cunning strategist, a skilled orator, and a ruthless military leader, but also a city planner, a legislator, and an author. Caesar achieved unprecedented power in the Roman empire, and he can, indeed, be considered the father of the empire. With his lead the empire of the past western world began to emerge. Caesar even described himself with the words not sovereign but Caesar.

The exhibition Julius Caesar – Triumph and Death of a Roman Conqueror paints a portrait of the great legend of the Roman history. This incredible exhibition includes original artefacts from Italy and Germany and Finnish artefacts from the same period. Caesar has also been a popular figure in art and literature and his legend has inspired artists through the ages. This legacy is also depicted in the exhibition. The assassination of Caesar changed the course of history and is still one of the most interesting and fascinating historical thrillers.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between Kuopio Museum and the Italian companies Expona in Bolzano and Contemporanea Progetti in Florence, which produce international touring exhibitions. Julius Caesar exhibition will have its world premiere at Kuopio Museum on September 16, 2022.  You can find appetizers of the exhibition from Kuopio Museums main lobby free of charge. Finland in the time of the Roman empire and the empires legacy are the main themes of this part of the exhibition.

Through a substantial event ensemble, you can further immerse yourself into the world of Antiquity. In the lecture series on Roman history, prominent lecturers examine the period, its culture, and people from different perspectives! The lecture on October 10 is in English. In the lecture Ph.D Zbigniew Fiema takes a glance at the Roman army, which can justifiably be considered as the mightiest and the most successful military in the history of the ancient Mediterranean. Buy tickets online verkkokauppa.kuopio.fi! Check all the events from the event calendar of Kuopios museums (www.kuopionmuseot.fi/­tapahtumat)

Now it is also possible to dive into the ancient Rome during work recreation event or a Christmas party! The Roman feast consists of getting to know the exhibition and its main character Julius Caesar as well as tasting Italian wines as the guide talks about the ancient drinking and feast culture. Would you like to learn about the life of Julius Caesar on a guided tour or are you more interested in the scandals of the period? Book a private tour or Roman feast from Kuopio Museum customer service.

Age recommendation 8 years.

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