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Picture Path

The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

  • 4.10.2022–31.12.2022

Picture Path is an outdoor photography exhibition created by the pupils of Jtksaari Comprehensive School.


What photographs and messages would you like to see in the urban space? And what type of images are created from words or what kind of words do images produce?

Pupils from Jtksaaren peruskoulu were pondering these and other questions in workshops organized by the Finnish Museum of Photography in the spring of 2022. During the workshop, the students took photos based on the following words: flowers, summer, mirrors, mustaches, peace and safety. In addition to their own images, the students have selected images from the museums collections to display on the underpass columns.


Although children and young people photograph more than ever before, they need guidance in visual culture, where viewing, showing, taking pictures, interpreting, valuing and imagining play a key role. In this project, children and young people are seen as artists and active actors in relation to their own immediate environment and its well-being. With the exhibition, the children's and young people's own visual culture will have a prominent and long-lasting place in the public, urban space.

Erja Salo, Head of Education and Public programmes


7th grade
Mirrors, mustaches and hospitals

Lana, Emilia, Maia, Beverly, Badia, Aino, Vilja, Ellen, Isla, Mimosa, Maire, Vilja, Aapo, Sanni, Pietari, Laura, Oona, Iiris, Juho, Matti

Teacher: Hanna Seiro

5th-6th grade
Summer and flowers

Nella, Tinja, Helmi, Sylvi, Lilja O., Katariina, Vera, Ella, Reetta, Mikaela, Grace, Lotta, Eden, Maija, Nino, Sofia

Teacher: Mervi Lehtonen

3rd grade
Peace and safety

Peppi, Frida, Elli, Klaudia, Mea, Reino, Lilian, Seela, Veera, Iida, Topias, Mea, Eliel, Evelina, Aliyah, Imran, Ellen, Eveliina, Ohto, Emilia, Viola, Aaro, Olivia, Oliver

Kristiina, Timofei, Julius, Aino, Eetu, Hilla, Kerttu, Menni-Mariel, Sofia, Vilma, Oona, Ahti, Kyra, Melina, Milla, Ida, Natasha, Samu, Abdullahi, Helvi, Isabell, Onni, Esra

Iiris, Hilla, Eliel, Unto, Daniel, Elina, Elmiina, Varundass, Eemil, Sini, Inga, Tianyi, Seelia, Isla, Otto, Aurora, Hasan, Alhanin, Livia, Linus, Rayan

Teacher: Mika Kunnari

Images from the museums collections: Wilma Hurskainen, Ulla-Maija Hnninen, P.K. Jaskari, Carl Klein, Johnny Korkman, Sami Parkkinen, Marjukka Vainio

Museum team: Ida Taavitsainen, Kastehelmi Korpijaakko, Erja Salo

Graphic design: Anna Neva

The Finnish Museum of Photographys collections and public programs departments have organized exhibitions in the Lnsilinkki column gallery since 2018.

The Ministry of Education and Culture supports exhibitions at Baana.

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The Finnish Museum of Photography
Kaapelitehdas, Kaapeliaukio 3, G-rappu, Helsinki

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The Finnish Museum of Photography, Kaapelitehdas, Kaapeliaukio 3, G-rappu, Helsinki


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