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A Sea of Memories

Hanko Museum, Hanko

  • 27.5.2022–26.2.2023

All of us that live in Hanko or spend time here, have memories of the Baltic Sea.


For some of us the sea is a given thing, for others a new element. You have to experience the sea: the sea smelling breeze in your face, the laugh of the seagull or the salt on your skin. The sea has been a livelihood, a route out into the world or a path to adventure. The sea can be both menacing and ruthless.

The exhibition is based on a multimedia exhibit A Sea of Memories launched by the John Nurminen Foundation in 2020. As in the original entity peoples own memories and memories that have passed through generation to generation, as well as peoples own experiences and observations are in focus at the exhibition of the Museum of Hanko. The museum has during the spring of 2022 collected Baltic Sea memories and we will continue collecting during the exhibition through workshops and sea-inspired lectures.

The purpose of the exhibition isnt only to observe other persons memories, but also to make you remember. Thats when we have succeeded. Do you know any maritime memories from your surroundings? Have your parents or grandparents told you their memories or have you yourself experienced the Baltic Sea? Come and share your memories! After you have strolled through the exhibition there is a table with paper where you can write down your own memories. We are interested by memories of all who have spent their time by the sea, no matter if youre a weather-beaten sailor or a summer resident sunbathing by the sea. We want our exhibitions to progress and therefore were going to change the memories in the exhibition as the year passes by.

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