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The Aine Art Museum, Tornio

  • 12.3.2021–9.1.2022


Death passes before nightfall; it closes you in its arms as the darkness arrives.

It is the year 1921. In May, Tornio town prepares for its 300th anniversary, but a mysterious crime takes place during the festivities.

BEFORE THE NIGHT is a fictional crime story in which Tornio celebrating its 300th anniversary is the scene of the crime. The events begin when wealthy widow Anniainen (Albert Edelfelt: Lady on the balcony, La Parisienne, 1901) comes to visit private investigator A. Maunu (Stig Fredriksson: Self-portrait, 1971). A fortune-teller had seen in her cards danger lurking on the lady, and that is why she wants to hire the private investigator to investigate the case. "A hysterical woman", says the detective and refuses the case.

Two days after the anniversary party, the detective reads about the death of the widow in the local newspaper Tornion Lehti. Everything is pointing toward a crime having taken place, so the investigator walks out into the spring day to find out who is behind it. The investigator follows the suspects from the scene of the crime on Puutarhakatu street to the Bergman house (Raisa Mesilaakso: Old age home, 1983) and over the Handolin bridge (Torsten Wasastjerna: Handolin bridge, 1920) all the way to Hotel Societetshus in Haparanda (Vilho Sjstrm: Brand pioneers, sketch, circa 1916/1917). In the darkest corners in the inner city, he ends up visiting the fortune teller (Sigfrid Keinnen: At the Fortune Teller's, circa 1876).

The list of suspects comprises the widows slick suitor Severi Rotta (Gunnar Berndtson: Sjlvportrtt - Self-portrait, 1890s), the poorhouse directress Manta Kngs (Jalmari Ruokokoski: Mona-Lisa, 1913), fortune teller, the mystical Rosanna, peddler Hilkka Klaava and artists J.H. Poukama (Tuomas Mntynen: Man with the cat, 1987).
As the search for the suspects continues, the spring day turns to dusk (Liisa Rautiainen: Before the Night, 1983) and night comes (Kari Huhtamo: The Four Seasons, series, 1974).

BEFORE THE NIGHT presents Tornio a hundred years ago. It is unlikely that this backwater village would celebrate its 400th anniversary, the investigator said about Tornio, home to 2000 inhabitants in 1921. In the exhibition, the real events of Tornio's history are linked to an imaginary story told through the art museum's collections. The exhibition also returns to the history of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation. The collector Veli Aine (born 1919) is a toddler and his father Eelis Iikka Aine is starting the Aine car dealership (founded in 1923) by importing Ford cars from Denmark to Tornio (Kari Cavn: Duel, 2001).

The exhibition is displayed according to the illustrated exhibition guide so that you can solve the crime mystery while touring the exhibition. The exhibition also works as an independent show presenting the collections of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and the Aine Art Museum. The exhibition honours Tornio celebrating its 400th anniversary.

As with all traditional crime stories, the suspects are collected at the crime scene and it is time for the investigator to uncover the culprit.

More information:
Anita Alamaunu, educational curator
050 597 1192 | | Aine Art Museum

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