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Collector`s Tornio

The Aine Art Museum, Tornio

  • 3.2.2021–9.1.2022


Collectors Tornio

Collector's Tornio celebrates the 400th anniversary of the city of Tornio and the collection of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation. The exhibition is a story told through the works in the collection about the shared ambitious vision of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and the city of Tornio to build an art museum in Tornio with a significant collection of Finnish art.
Through the works in the collection, Collector's Tornio highlights how Eila and Veli Aine's love of art develops into a collection and the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation is created. In the exhibition, you can learn the broad outlines of the way the collection accumulated, and where its focus is. The collection of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation features works by e.g. Helene Schjerfbeck, Ellen Thesleff, Tyko Sallinen, Jalmari Ruokokoski and other key Finnish artists who worked in the early 20th century.
The exhibition sheds light on the story of Finnish art, highlighting the artists and phenomena. Some pearls of the collection have been assembled on the classics wall painted in Tornio brand colour. The most recent acquisition in the Aine Pictorial Art Foundations growing collection, Jussi Goman's (1980) painting Shadow of an Apple from 2019 is also on display.
A building without art is empty, said painter Unto Pusa (19131973). Pusa was not only the most significant painter of monumental art in Finland in his time, but also a good friend of Veli Aine. Even before the completion of the art museum building, the works belonging to the collection of the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation had been placed in the Tornio City Hotel. Many Tornio residents remember the works in the City Hotel's restaurant, such as Unto Pusa's oil painting Iso Iita (1973). Niilo Hyttinen's (19402010) kytalon emnt (1972, oil on canvas) has also made a lasting impression on many. The stern-faced matron placed near the hotels front door would sometimes push patrons out of the bar and sometimes delay their departure.
Art is an excellent conversation starter, Veli Aine believed. Kain Tapper's (19302004) wooden sculpture Ukkospilvi (1961), placed in his City Hotel study, was a good topic of discussion. The sculptor Tapper was a pioneer of new art, whose wooden sculptures seeking abstract expression caused a scandal in the early 1960s. At the time, the question can a tree stump be art sparked widespread controversy. Veli Aines choices show that the collector did not shy away from difficult works of art.
You can sense the happy anticipation in the photograph taken when the agreement between the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and the City of Tornio was signed. Veli Aine is signing, Mrs. Eila Aine, Mayor Hannes Manninen, Chairman of the City Executive Ossi Hooli, City Engineer Oiva Kurkela and Rector Yrj Alamki watch. The signers chose Alvar Cawens (18861935) work as the background for the photograph. Sorsastajat from 1923 is one of the works of art on display in Collectors Tornio.
Painter H. Ahtela (18811968) was predicting the future when, in 1965, he wrote behind his painting, in the left wedge frame: A gift to the future art museum of Tornio in 1965 H. Ahtela. The Museum of Tornio Valley donated the work to the Aine Art Museum on the eve of its opening on March 7, 1986. Riitta Helev's (1951) bronze sculpture Pilvipaimen from 1984 was the first acquisition for the collection of the Aine Art Museum.
The exhibition illustrates the start of art museum activities and the principles of its work with the audiences. Children and young people are one of the art museum's main target groups. The Aine Art Museum has a pedagogical program, according to which the aim of its art education work is to acquaint the young visitors in particular with the various phenomena of art and to train them to embrace art with open minds. The establishment of the Aine Art Museum was a significant act. Several generations have already grown up in Tornio, with a strong emotional connection to the art museum in their hometown.
The exhibition features a display case at child's viewing level, which features material about the artist's work process, such as a sketch by Liisa Rautiainen (19192018) containing mathematical calculations, a notebook, and a Christmas letter. Also on display are Eila and Veli Aine's personal ex-libris labels and some art medals.
The showcase tells the story of the collectors personal relationship to art. For Eila and Veli Aine, art was not an investment, but they had a genuine enthusiasm and love for art. In addition to collecting art, the artists as persons were also important. Veli Aine had a personal contact with many of the artists featured in the collection, and some of them became close friends with the collectors. You can see this in the artist book on display, in which several artists who have become friends have addressed their pictorial and verbal greetings to the collector when he turned 80.
Instead of an opening of the exhibition, we will celebrate with open doors during the Tornio 400 years celebration week in May.

We thank the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation, the City of Tornio, and the Museum of Tornio Valley for their contribution to the exhibition and good cooperation.

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