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Ritva-Liisa Virtanen: Everything I have learned, I learned from the bees

Kajaani Art Museum, Kajaani

  • 18.2.2021–16.5.2021

Ritva-Liisa Virtanen’s retrospective installation


Kajaani-born graphic artist and painter Ritva-Liisa Virtanen’s exhibition examines environmental themes and the diversity of nature through bees. Virtanen is a pioneer in art relating to bees and bees wax, having started to incorporate them in her works already in the 1980s.
For Kajaani Art Museum Virtanen is constructing a retrospective installation which will fill the entire exhibition space. The installation is comprised of videos, sounds of beehives and serigraphy textiles designed by Virtanen that are based on her ink paintings and other bee-themed works.

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Kajaani Art Museum, Linnankatu 14, 87100 Kajaani


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