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Growth and Loss – Hair In Contemporary Art

If the hair is fine, everything is fine!

Hair is no matter of insignificance in human life, or art. Hair is part of the body, but forms a special whole of its own. For visual artists, hair sometimes has a surprisingly powerful symbolic value as material, but also as the bearer of stories, meanings and notions.

Hair is no matter of insignificance in human life – or art. Hair is part of the body, but simultaneously something special. It is something that sets you apart, yet it is easily altered. Hair, or lack of it, is a key element of outward appearance, and time and money are spent on grooming it. Who has not dreamed of something more or better than what one can see in the mirror? The notion of bad hair day is shared by all humanity.

Indeed, hair seems to be tangled in everything: mythology, religion, politics, the economy, ethnicity, social class, identity, gender, sexuality, age, sickness and health, art, and the popular culture. For visual artists, hair — own, real or fake — is not only tangible and human raw material, but also a highly communicative bearer of stories, meanings, notions and memories.

Growth and Loss dives into the tangled, strange, contradictory, fragile, nostalgic, humoristic and sensuous world of hair — a subject we all know both intimately and as part of everyday life. The exhibition is frankly focused on one thing only, but explores its many faces and updated looks in a memorable, perhaps even therapeutic art experience.

Photo above: Raakel Kuukka, Swoosh, pigment prints, diasec.

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